You Should Try These Road Trip Destinations in Malaysia

You know, the best way to test the new car you got is on a road trip in Malaysia. Yes, you read that right, Malaysia is where you can experience some of the best road trip routes in Asia. This is because it offers a variety of terrain that it feels like you have been on different places all at once. Whether you are driving a Toyota off road car or even if it is a hybrid car, a road trip in this country is where you can test it out.

More than just testing your new sweet rise, a road trip is the perfect excuse to take a break from your daily tasks. Packing up the car and driving to different destinations seems to be the best respite from the city and a great way to escape. You need to go somewhere new, a place that offers a fresh perspective.

So if the only place you can think of driving around in is Kuala Lumpur, we are here to suggest other Malaysian destinations that will be perfect for your trip.


From Kuala Lumpur, it will take you around 6 hours of driving time. Terrenganu is known for their off road destinations like the Kenyir Lake (the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia), Sungai Loh, and the Kuala Berang. These are absolute adventure roads, so you do have to drive 4×4 cars here like a Toyota Hilux. The drive towards Terrenganu is filled with amazing coastal scenes, so you better ready your camera during the journey to take a few snaps.

Bukit Tinggi

Speaking of taking pictures, the perfect place to take pictures of the architecture is the Colmar Tropicale in Bukit Tinggi. It is a hill resort that follows a French village theme. It is inspired by Colmar in Alsace, France and offers the best French countryside experience. It is lined with boutique shops and cafes built like those quaint shops in Europe. But do not worry, if you are looking for the Asian touch, you can visit the Japanese botanical zen garden to relax.

Cameron Highlands

For a little altitude, you can make your way to Cameron Highlands. Here you will be treated to the most breathtaking views the highlands can offer. You can also explore Orang Asli villages and the tea plantations in the area. Make sure to visit the LataIskandar Waterfall on your up, and spend the night enjoying the cool winds.

PahangVisit the small mining town in Kuantan Pahang and test your driving skills in the most challenging route yet. For this one, you will need a driver who is adept at driving through very rugged terrains, so only attempt to go to the mines if you are used to extreme driving conditions.

But if you are not, there are other places in Pahang you can visit like Fraser’s Hill. Here you can enjoy nature-based activities like archery, horseback riding, and golf. You can even try hiking trails like the Bishop Trail.

Ipoh City

Ipoh city is the third largest city in Malaysia, and is called by many names like The Hill City, the City of Millionaires, and The Town Built on Tin. You will see Kellie’s Castle here, built by a Scottish planter named William Kellie Smith. He was very fond of Indian culture and the Hindu religion, so you can see influences of it in the architecture. The first elevator in Malaysia could have been found here.

Ready to pack your bags and load all your friends in the car? Take the ultimate road trip in Malaysia and experience traveling like you have never before.