How to Plan an All-American Road trip

For many, when they think of an epic road trip, they think of The States. Here’s how to plan your (road) trip of a lifetime:

First Things First…

If you’re coming from outside of The United States, the first thing you organize should be your visa. For citizens of the 38 countries that participate in the ESTA visa waiver program it couldn’t be easier. The whole process can be done online, and upon completion you’ll be granted 90 days of access to the United States. Apply for US Visa Waiver.

Choose your Route

The United States is incredibly diverse, so you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing where you want to go and what you want to see along the way. One example for those who appreciate the great outdoors would be to drive along Yellowstone Park on a wild western road trip. You’ll hit up several sites in Utah and Idaho, see grizzlies and other wildlife, natural springs, geysers and hit up cute little country towns along the way.  Make sure to plan this trip with sufficient time, as you’ll want to park the car several times along the way to head out on a scenic hike.

Another gem of a drive is to follow the U.S. highway 17 down the coast of the South East. Start in the luscious green of Virginia, and pass through the town of The Plains for some good lunch and window-shopping. Then drive down to North Carolina for this trips first breath of salty sea air. Continue along the coast through South Carolina, making plenty of stops along the way and finish in Jekyll Island by crossing the Sidney Lanier Bridge over the Fancy Bluff Creek in Georgia.

Choose your Vehicle

There’s a ride available for anyone from adrenaline seekers to those looking for ease and comfort, from big spenders to those on a budget. Consider renting a motorcycle and cruising your way through your vacation. Another great idea for travelers after the ‘cool-factor’ is to rent an all-American muscle car!

Kids in tow? Why not rent a spacious RV? You’ll save on hotels and get to see some of America’s beautiful camping grounds along the way. Many rental agencies allow you to return your rental in a different State than you picked it up, which is especially good to know for those on coast-to-coast trips.

Pack Lightly

The beauty of a road trip vacation is its flexibility. On a road trip you have the ability to make a detour, or take an extra day to stop in a cute bed and breakfast along the way. You don’t want a heavy suitcase full of all your belongings slowing you down. Especially those who choose to take a motorcycle as their method of transport need to be sure to pack very lightly. Consider the climate you’ll encounter on your trip and pack versatile clothing that can be layered. Key items: sunglasses and a roadmap!

Enjoy your trip!

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