A Half Day Private Montserrat Tour

Montserrat, Barcelona, Catalunya
Montserrat, Barcelona, Catalunya

In Catalan, Montserrat means Serrated Mountain. Montserrat is a range with a multitude of rock formations visible from a great distance. It is also part of the Catalan Pre- Coastal range. Discover the spectacular mountain and views through the Half Day Private Montserrat Tour, you will get to experience life in Spain’s first national park.

This is a 5-hour tour. Once you have booked the Half Day Private Montserrat Tour you are allowed to choose the time & place to be picked in the city that suits you best. Also, to epitomize this tour, you will be guided by a licensed expert who will use your preferred language. How about the ride? Well, it will never get better. You will tour Montserrat in a comfy & roomy Sedan or mini-van with a professional driver.

After the pick up at Barcelona, you will head to Parc Natural de Montserrat. This is a unique National Park. With the mountain over 4000 feet high, you will get a beautiful view of rounded peaks that jut into the sky. Also, get to see hermitages scattered over the mountains, caves & paths going up the mountains.

Have you heard of the famous Boys’ Choir, one of the oldest boys’ choir in Europe dating back to the 12th century and run by monks? During this Private Montserrat tour, the next destination is the Benedictine monastery which houses this choir. The monastery is nearly 1000 years old & is halfway up the mountain and sheltered by its peaks. It is also the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Montserrat.

With a library of nearly 300000 volumes and a museum with paintings by Greco, Picasso & Dali you will surely leave Montserrat having got in touch with Catalonia’s impressive history. In addition, the museum has treasures from ancient Egypt including a mummy.

Because this area has a mountainous climate, it is important to dress a bit warmer as Montserrat is colder than Barcelona. This Private Montserrat Tour pricing doesn’t include lunch although if you wish lunch can be organized for you. In addition, if you want to hear the Boys’ Choir sing book for a Monday to Friday tour at 1 pm or Sunday at 12 pm. They are unavailable on Saturday and holidays in July.

If you plan to tour Montserrat, don’t miss out on this incredible Private Montserrat Tour.