Why Private Jet Chartering Might Soon Overtake Business Class as The Premium in Executive Travel

At the moment, when you need to travel for business, the most popular option available tends to be business class commercial flights. Small businesses have been using this type of transportation for years, but that could soon change thanks to a rise in small, private airlines.

Now, private jet charters are quickly gaining in popularity for the business traveller and it isn’t hard to see why. While once reserved only for the wealthy, the introduction of private jet cards programs, amongst other things, has meant that the cost of hiring a private jet has plummeted in recent years. So, what are the benefits of opting for private jet charters over business class?

The benefits of private jet charters

Private jets are renowned for their luxurious design. If you’ve never stepped foot on one, you can see just how elegant and luxurious they are by searching for inside photos. There’s no denying they’re impressive, and compared to commercial flights, even on business class, the style and comfort provided on a private jet is unbeatable.

However, it’s not the additional comfort that sets private jet charters apart. In terms of business travel, they offer a fantastic range of benefits. One of the best is the fact that the flights are much quicker. As your employees spend less time in the air, they’ll arrive at the business meeting feeling more refreshed, and with plenty of time to spare. The jets also tend to land at smaller airports, which means less time is spent going through check-out and airport security.

Perhaps the main benefit of private jet charters, is the price tag. If you use a respected company like Vistajet International Limited, the cost compares to that of business class on a commercial flight. So, to experience all of the luxury benefits private jets provide, you won’t actually need to spend more money than usual.

Finally, there’s the beneficial effect flying by private jet will have on your company’s reputation. Just like with luxury cars, arriving in a private jet sends your clients and customers a message – you’re successful and professional. This amounts to everything when you’re trying to make a good impression.

Overall, when you look at the benefits above and take into account the comparable price between private jet and business class travel, it’s easy to see why private jets could soon take over. If you haven’t taken advantage of this mode of travel, now is definitely the time to do so.