Revamping your Business Travel



Business travel is a key area of many people’s working lives with travel management being a major concern for many employers. Whether your company need to regularly jet to Barcelona, Barbados or even just pop to Brussels, we’ve got a few ideas to help revamp your business travel to help make it cheaper, easier and more convenient than ever before. Here’s how to revamp your business travel today:

Use a Company with an App

Business travel can be tricky to organise and even more annoying to make last minute amendments to when you’re making arrangements through a third party for a number of different people. With this in mind, it can be a really good idea to use a company like Reed & Mackay who are experts in organising first class business travel and have a handy app you can download which you can make changes with and check all your travel arrangements at the touch of a button.

Let Someone Else Organise it For You

Business travel is a huge expense for many companies, and can be extremely costly over a yearly period. One way you can instantly cut costs is by using a new provider who will organise all the different aspects of travel for you, from transport to accommodation. With their knowledge and expertise be able to get you the best discounts and offers, booking you in the best hotels for getting to and from business meetings.

Cut Back on Unnecessary Expenses

It’s a good idea to review your company’s expenses policy to check what employees are entitled to. Whilst you want them to enjoy traveling for business with your company, it’s important to make sure that you’re not offering too many benefits which may be having a huge impact on your company finically. For example, if employees are allowed to claim for food on the journey and an alcoholic beverage, it could be wise to cut back to just a soft drink saving you a couple of pounds per head, which adds up over the course of a year.

By making these 3 small changes to the way your business travel works, you’ll see huge improvements in the time it takes to organise trips, the quality of the transport provided and accommodation and most importantly be able to cut back on costs, which you can invest into improving other areas of your business.