The Millennial Nomad: Tools for the Trip

In the Gilmore Girls revival, Lorelai finds herself in the throes of an existential crisis. To help her through it, she decides to book a trip. Obviously, Lorelai quickly learns that she is not the only person who has this idea and ultimately scraps her plan.

She realizes that this life doesn’t necessarily mean backpacking in the wilderness. It might mean simply deciding to live a nomadic lifestyle–exploring the country and other parts of the world by RV, by train, maybe even spending a few months in one place before heading off to another.

If you need to set up and prepare for before you embark on your adventure, here are some of the preparations you’ll need to make:

Sending and Getting Mail

If you have a rough schedule and know where you’re going to be and when you can give out your itinerary so that people know where to send your mail. If you’re hoping to plan it by ear, however, you’ll be better served with a virtual mailing address. A virtual mailing address is a service that offers you a stable mailing address at which you can receive mail, no matter where on the planet you may currently be located. The service accepts mail on your behalf and then forwards it on to you, wherever you are for a small fee. You can “check” your mail digitally and ask the service to shred or destroy mail you don’t actually need, like junk mail, and combine smaller packages into one larger shipment.

Saving and Spending Money

If you’ll need a service through which you can accept, convert, and use a variety of different currencies. This is especially important if yous system. Xoom (owned by Paypal), Transferwise, Moneygram and, of course, Western Union are all staples in this industry. Still, you’ll want to be able to earn money as you travel. Thankfully, remote work is no longer the rarity it once was. You can ask your current employer for permission to telecommute for a while. Alternatively, you can freelance and consult remotely. There are literally dozens of different ways that you can earn money remotely. Thanks to all of the cloud-based collaboration tools and storage platforms, all you need to earn money anymore is a laptop and an internet connection.

Everybody knows that, before they take on a nomadic adventure, they need to learn the language(s) of their destination(s)–at least enough to get by. Most know that backpacking requires advance prep as well. Finding lodging is also pretty basic. If you make sure you take care of what well be all set for a fantastic adventure!