Some Tips for the Traveling Family

We often think traveling is left to the young & single, or the soul-searching solo traveler. Something that doesn’t come to mind right off the bat when we think of travel is a traveling family. These days, with online work so readily available, many families are finding ways to live, work, and travel abroad, even with several kids in tow. Below we’ve compiled a few tips that might be useful for a family on the go.

Get Everyone Involved

Traveling with kids of any age can be a difficult process. Whether the short attention spans of the young ones or the disinterest of the teens, getting your children excited about travel can be tricky. One great way to be sure everyone gets excited and feels important in the process is to make sure, no matter what their age, that they are involved in the planning & decision-making process. Make sure everyone has a say in where to go next as well as having a hands-on part on booking flights or mapping directions or choosing what hotel or campground to stay at.

Teach the Importance of Caution & Safety

With a big family it’s obviously hard to keep track of everyone so it’s always important the kids know how to be safe even if you can’t watch their every move. Whether it’s holding hands, the buddy system, or warning kids of the dangers of predators, make sure they know how to be smart while they travel. Another good course of action for the whole family is to book travel insurance when planning your trip. With so many people in tow, there are things bound to go wrong or chance for someone to get sick. There are tons of great options through companies like Direct Travel Insurance that can get you covered for those unexpected mishaps.

Packing light

The good thing about traveling in a group is that you can often share the load. To do so with children you will have to limit the amount of items they are allowed to bring along. Often families will allow each child a small bag of personal items or toys and then the rest of the family’s belongings will be split up in larger bags. Some kids might have a strong connections to some of their possessions so just make sure you only pack 1 item they can’t live without instead of their 10 favorite teddy bears.

Equal Parts Fun & Rest

As a family on the go, you are usually on your way to your next big adventure. Whether a day at the beach, a hike on a mountain, or a day at an amusement park, you are bound to get worn out. Remind yourself and your children that rest and relaxation are important. Some fun options for relaxing on vacation can be having a movie night, playing some board games, or taking a nap in a nice location like a seaside hammock. No matter what you choose to do to relax, make sure you and the whole family make time for it.

If you keep these few important ideas in mind as you travel with your family, it will definitely make the experience way more enjoyable for everyone, young and old, parent or child.

Photo by courosa on Flickr