Positive Adventure Tales: Travel Apps Designed to Keep you Safe and Boost your Enjoyment

You want to be able to tell your friends and family about your travel adventures in a positive tone rather than recalling a nightmare scenario that you wouldn’t want to go through again.

A good way of doing that would be to think proactively about your security and safety while you are traveling and use a few carefully chosen apps to help you focus on enjoying your travel experience, safe in the knowledge that you have taken steps to protect yourself.

Ways to skip the line

If you want an excellent start to your travel itinerary there are some simple ways to speed your way through airport lines and clear security much quicker so you can be on your way.

It always pays to sign up for frequent flyer programs as this can often include priority boarding, allowing you to skip the line to board the plane and find a space for your luggage without all the jostling.

You also want to take a look at signing up for Mobile Passport and Global Entry, both of which are government-backed schemes that can help you skip the customs line, by getting pre-approved and filling out your trip information in advance.

In-between flights

It can often be the case with your travel plans that you find yourself with a good few hours to spare between connecting flights.

You don’t want to wander around the airport and shop and eat just for the sake of it, but you would no doubt like to find somewhere safe and secure to freshen up and even get your head down for a few hours.

If you use an app like Dayuse, you can book a hotel room for a few hours rather than pay for the night. There are loads of hotels who are keen to earn some extra revenue from a room that is empty during the day which means you can get a room for up to 75% less than you would pay for the night.

This will also give you time to check the weather for Android smartphones app and see what the local conditions are like at your intended final destination, so you can maybe change at the hotel ready for you arrival later in the day.

Safe on the streets

It is part of the travel experience to explore a new area and see the local sights but there are times when you might be taking risks wandering into an area that is not safe to walk through.

Locals might know the notorious hotspots that should be avoided if you want to stay safe but you don’t always get the benefit of that hindsight when you are a tourist. If you use an app like Streetography you get the chance to see what an area is like before you get there.

Being able to see images of the area and getting an insight into what each neighborhood is like could help you to avoid an area that could pose a risk to your personal safety.

Use some of the apps and others like them and you should improve your odds of enjoying a positive travel experience each time you head for the airport.