London’s Most Unique Hotels

Staying in London's most unique hotels add the exclamation point to a perfect stay in one of the world's most significant cities ... photo by CC user idhren on Flickr

Those headed to the United Kingdom won’t want to slum it on their holiday here, despite the fact that costs in this part of the world are quite elevated. The best way to connect with this historically significant global city is to stay in one of London’s most unique hotels, as the décor and design of these boutique accommodations will give you a better sense of place than an inexpensive budget motel will.

If you are looking for cheap hotel deals London, take heart and be assured that those that go the extra mile to search for these places will be justly rewarded, as you will be in the following article as we uncover three outstanding options within the greater London area at a reasonable price.

1) Number Sixteen

Situated in South Kensington near many excellent cultural amenities such as art galleries and museums, the Number Sixteen Hotel is a great base in London for the traveling creative. This is further underscored by the fact that this place has a drawing room where they can take a sudden rush of inspiration and put it to paper without having to work haphazardly in one’s room.

Relax afterward by kicking back in the hotel’s private courtyard, or head out to one of many authentic British local pubs, where locals have dropped in for a pint everyday for generations.

2) Town Hall Hotel

Located outside Central London in the inner core suburb of Bethnal Green, the Town Hall Hotel occupies the former interior of this community’s town council, with art deco architectural influences creating an opulent atmosphere for a reasonable price.

What once served as the offices of local politicians now serve as rooms in this 98 unit boutique hotel, and with the delights of a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood at your beck and call, you’ll have an excellent time in London without the bank account busting prices found closer to the center.

3) Dorset Square Hotel

Found in the London borough of Marylebone, the Dorset Square Hotel has become the pet project of Kit Kemp, who has completely redone the theme of this 38 room boutique accommodation, sourcing furniture and pieces of art that can truly be considered one of a kind.

Sports fans will love the fact that this hotel is close by to the first cricket ground of Robert Lord, and after watching a particularly well played match there, recount the game’s events over fine wine and food at the Potting Shed, which is located in the lower levels of this outstanding hotel.