3 Countries to visit in Europe

Switzerland is one of the best Countries to visit in Europe
Photo by CC user bigbirdz on Flickr.

Want to go on holiday to Europe this year, but have no idea where to visit? In this short article, we will suggest a few places that will fill your time in the Old World with memories.


Obviously, the Alps are on nearly everyone’s bucket list and the impeccable times to visit them are late into summer and early springtime. Switzerland is home to many festivals, also. One of the most famous is Lucerne Festival of Classical Music. In the Italian-speaking part of the country, the Ticino, the Locarno International Film Festival is one not to miss in early August where you can watch an evening screening below the stars. Switzerland is simply all round beautiful.

Also, please remember when travelling inside of the EU for citizens in the European Economic Area it is a good idea to get you a European health card. It covers you for whichever medical care you may need, whether you become ill or endure any harm during an accident.


Italy is the home of some of the most admired and celebrated cities in the world, counting; Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice. Rome itself has been classified as one of the 10 most-visited towns in the world. The Italian cuisine is extremely popular across the globe and the country itself has an unbelievable historical worth. Most towns are quaint and full of character.


Every year millions choose Spain as their holiday destination. Culture, sun and scenery are the three most significant features of Spain. Not to forget the glorious nightlife, pleasant community and landscapes. Spain also offers great accommodation, a huge selection and endless attractions.