Top Ways to Kill Time on Your Laptop

The internet has provided the World with access to more information that any human could handle in a lifetime, opportunities to connect with almost everyone on the planet and more entertainment options than we ever thought was possible. It is strange therefore that there are times when I sit at my laptop, with all of these options in front of me with absolutely no idea what I want to do or what I want to look at. Far too often I simply scroll through social media sites, don’t get me wrong, they have their place but I’ve decided to give them a rest for a while and find other things to do when I’m at my computer. If you have found yourself in a similar situation then here some better ways to kill time on your laptop than simply staring into the abyss.


The internet is the World’s largest library and one of the best uses of your time online is to gain some knowledge, pick a subject that interests you and type it in to your search engine. What you will find is that once you start learning about a particular subject you will end up clicking on links into more specific areas and your knowledge will grow and grow. If you’re not a fan of reading then look on video sharing sites for documentaries about your chosen subject. I often end up in a wormhole where I begin looking at a particular subject and by the time I’ve finished I’m on an altogether different topic, it’s amazing the amount of fun facts you pick up when you do this, perfect ammunition to impress your friends,


A particular favorite of mine, I don’t own a games console but in all honesty I don’t need one with the options I have online. I like to use a website called Poki, they have an incredible array of free games for me to choose between and they specialize in simplistic yet stupidly addictive games. The game where I currently spend most of my time is called Shift to Drift, it’s a car racing game where you drift your little rally car around a course. In the game you play against two opponents and you need to finish first to gain 3 stars and unlock the next track. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent skidding my way around these courses in the last few weeks, great fun and incredibly competitive.

Start a Website

You may or may not have dreams of becoming the next internet millionaire but nonetheless building a website is a great way of spending your time online. Websites cost next to nothing to buy and there are hundreds of free programs out there that help you to build and promote your website. If you have a particular interest or hobby then create a blog around this, write some great content, upload photos and videos, design a great looking site and then connect with like-minded people. If you are not out to make millions just yet then you can spend a little bit of time each day on your site without any stresses or time pressure, even if you know nothing about web design you should give it a go, there is plenty of help for you out there from videos and online guides to help you create something beautiful.