How to Update the Look of Your Bedroom Affordably

Does your bedroom look tired and dated? The bedroom is likely the room in your that you spend the most time in, so you do not want to have a bedroom that looks unpleasant. The good thing is you don’t have to have a lot of money to update the look of your bedroom, if fact you can do it quite affordably. Here are some tips on how to update the look your bedroom affordably without breaking the bank.

update the look of your bedroomIt is All About Color
Color  coordination is key to getting an attractive bedroom. Paint is surprisingly cheap if you do it yourself but don’t go putting brush to wall just yet. Before you paint anything you want to pick a color scheme. You want to pick a scheme that is attractive, modern, yet easy on the eyes (definitely not this shade.) Once you pick a color scheme you can go about looking for bedding and curtains that fit the scheme. Since paint costs the same regardless of color, get your bedding and curtains first. Maybe you can find a color in your scheme that is on sale or discounted. Once you get your bedding, pillows and curtains then pick your paint color. Getting fresh modern colors in your bedroom is the one of the best ways to update the look of your bedroom affordably.

Second Hand Furniture
There are several benefits to outfitting your bedroom with second hand furniture. One benefit is that second hand furniture is often cheaper than brand-new items. Another benefit is that second hand furniture can add a lot of character to a bedroom. Antique, retro, and vintage furniture can make your bedroom look unique and lived while simultaneously unique and artsy. By using second hand furniture in your bedroom you will ensure that your freshly painted room looks hip without being pulled straight out of an Ikea catalog. If you are really looking to save money and get a unique design, try refinishing your a beat-up old piece of furniture yourself. Refinishing furniture will breath new life into the item and can be used to update the look of your bedroom affordably. Unless you going for strict time-period look, you will want to mix and match old furniture with modern pieces. So perhaps buy bedside tables brand-new but combine them with a worn headboard that you have recently refinished in your basement. The combination of old, classic, and modern pieces of furniture will give your bedroom a well-rounded look.

Don’t look at an ugly bedroom any longer. These tips on how to update the look of you bedroom affordably show that it doesn’t take loads of money or a team of make over pros to take your bedroom from dull to splendid. Imagine waking up to a scene straight out of Martha Steward Living every morning, it can really help to liven up your mornings. Some gently used furniture and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to update the look o f you bedroom affordably.