The Main Advantages of Tilting Television Mounts over Fixed Television Wall Mounts

Tilting Television Mounts can make TV viewing easier anywhere in the house

If you have a new flat-screen TV or are thinking of setting up your television in a new way, then mounting your TV on the wall may be a good option. This is particularly true if you have limited space or if you would like to increase the safety of your household by making sure that wires and cables are suitably hidden and out of the way. But there are actually two main types of wall mounts from which you can choose: the fixed wall mount and the tilting wall mount. The tilting TV wall mount is becoming more popular for many reasons. Here are the main advantages of tilting television mounts over fixed television wall mounts.

The features of tilted wall mounts

The tilted wall mount has brought TV wall mounts to a higher level, as it is said to have more advantages than a standard mount. One of these advantages is easy installation, and yet another is flexibility. Other advantages are related to access, too.

Better flexibility

With a tilted wall mount, you will have better flexibility and can enhance your TV viewing pleasure. Since you are able to adjust the angle of viewing with ease and according to where you are seated, this gives you a better experience when watching TV. Even if your TV is placed in a corner of the room, it can be easily adjusted so you can view it without any problems. This is possible only with a tilted TV mount. And, with the right screen angle, you don’t have to tilt your own head just to be able to see the screen properly. Tilting your head at an unnatural angle can lead to muscle and neck pain, which you definitely wouldn’t want.

More options

With a tilting wall mount, you also have more options with regards to the placement of your TV. For instance, if you have to install your television at a higher location than normal, perhaps due to shelves or a mantelpiece, you can easily tilt the TV screen at a downwards angle so it can face your location. Also, if you have an LED screen, its colours can become less bright or accurate if it is viewed at an awkward angle. If the room where the TV is located is subject to direct sunlight, it would be easier to just adjust the angle of the screen so you can still watch TV without any issue.

The easier installation of cables

If you need to install cables and wiring for your TV and entertainment system, it’s easier to do so with a tilting mount since you can simply tilt the screen whilst it’s on the wall in order to connect or replace cables, rather than having to remove the entire screen from the wall.