The Main Advantages of Zebra Sheer Shades

There are many advantages to having Zebra Sheer Shades in your home

There are a lot of other ways to decorate your windows without the use of curtains. Sometimes, flowing fabrics hanging by the windows just don’t go well with a home’s interior design. For example, a modern theme will look better with a window treatment that is fixed in position, like zebra sheer shades, to go along with the aesthetics.

What are zebra sheer shades?

Zebra sheer shades are window treatments made of alternating light-filtering fabric and sheer fabric. The alternating fabrics, sometimes in two different colors, bring a unique look to the room with its zebra print appearance. The shades are designed to have light filtering fabrics that block out the sunlight and UV rays to protect you and your furniture. Its simple yet elegant design also fits well with any home decor you have going. Just make sure to select the right colors that will match your home’s color scheme.

What are the benefits of zebra sheer shades?

There are many benefits to using zebra sheer shades at home. Aside from the exquisite design, the aspect of functionality is also hard to beat.

They diffuse sunlight that comes through the window

The sheer fabric vanes protect you, your guests, and your furniture from the UV rays of the sun. As you may already know, sunlight degrades furniture and may cause them to get ruined faster if they are constantly exposed to it. With zebra sheer shades protecting them, your furniture will last you a long time.

They give you privacy without sacrificing ventilation

Opaque curtains are good for privacy, but they don’t let any light or air get through them. Zebra sheer shades will give you as much privacy without sacrificing the room’s ventilation. You also have several adjustment options with it.

They don’t completely block out the view

Because these window shades are made of either sheer or semi-sheer fabric, they don’t completely keep out the view from outside, thus, still allowing some sunlight and air to enter the room. This provides a fresh ambience and a cool feeling to the house. You also have the freedom to choose your level of coverage. You can raise the shades all the way up so you can see outside and let all the light come in without obstruction.

They are durable

Zebra sheer shades are made with pliable polyester, which make them durable and sturdy. They are sure to serve their purpose for the years to come, and last for a long time.

Stain and dust resistant

The polyester used is also stain and dust resistant, so you don’t have to clean them as much as regular curtains. The anti-static finish makes sure that they will last a long time without accumulating dust and dirt.

Where to Buy Zebra Sheer Shades

Zebra sheer shades are not hard to find. Just look into your favorite furniture or home décor stores, physical or online.

When shopping for zebra sheer shades, make sure that you are buying only from trusted brands and stores, so you know you are getting only the best window treatments. Sheer shades are available in different colors and sizes, so try to get the dimensions of your windows before buying one to avoid having to return and exchange.

Also, watch out for promotional discounts and seasonal sales offered by the stores you select.