Creativity At Its Best


Finding the perfect home isn’t easy. In fact, it requires potential homebuyers to get creative. That’s because a person is unlikely to find the house of their dreams already built to suit. Most homes feature a lot of potential, but it is up to the family buying the property to turn it into their dream home. And in order for that to happen, some creative solutions might be required.

For instance, some homes have a large backyard but nowhere to host guests at. One creative solution is to build a patio that takes up a portion of the yard. This ensures a space that might otherwise go unused will now be more desirable. It also allows for the homebuyer to create the house they want, even if it wasn’t equipped that way. Here are a few more creative examples of how a house can be turned into a home.

Add a bar

No, not the place where a person sits for hours sipping on lager. A nice kitchen bar can add a sophisticated look to any home that brings a new dimension to the room. It’s also functional, providing another place for seating and eating in a casual setting. Just be sure to match it with existing cabinets and countertops to maintain a uniform look throughout the kitchen.

Paint and crown moulding

This is a cheap and easy way to give a room a new look without needing to pay for expensive renovations. Doing some repainting after moving into a new house gives it a personal feel, especially if a particular coloured is preferred. Meanwhile, crown moulding adds a touch of elegance to most spaces while eliminating the squared, box look rooms without moulding have. In addition to being cheap, doing a little repainting and installing some crown moulding is relatively easy and can be done during the weekend.

Swap blinds for shutters or curtains

Another inexpensive way to creatively change the appearance of a house is to install shutters or curtains in favour blinds. Not only do these look better and give the home a charming appeal, but shutters in particular can help improve insulation and reduce energy consumption each month.

Re-do the driveway

A normal concrete driveway or walkway, while reliable, also looks rather plain. And while most people probably don’t think much about these when envisioning their dream home, there are a few creative ways to spruce these up and give the house a little flair. Using brick for a driveway or walkway gives the entire property a vintage appeal. It’s also possible to use concrete aggregate to create a stylish finish while still retaining the durability of concrete.

Whether it is an old house or a display home for sale in Perth, WA, finding the right place is a start. However, homeowners will need to get creative to ensure the place meets their requirements. Houses by Aveling Homes feature spacious floor plans and other amenities homebuyers will like while allowing them to focus on the smaller details.