5 Ways to More Efficient Use of your Water Heater


In today’s eco-friendly world, energy saving practices are encouraged in every aspect of our daily lives, from transportation to production. There are also many things the homeowner can do to reduce energy consumption, with more efficient appliances and low output devices. If you are looking to save a little more, here are some tips on how to make your water heater more efficient.

  1. Change to Instantaneous Hot Water – If you have a traditional storage tank water heater, you are using far too much energy. Every time a family member turns on the hot water tap, your boiler will fire up, and most of that energy used to heat a whole tank of water is excessive and unnecessary. Instantaneous hot water involves heating the water as it passes through the appliance, giving you an instant response at the correct temperature, and because you are only heating the water you will use, it takes a lot less energy. For those who live in WA, you won’t find a better deal than hot water systems installed by Plumbdog, a leading plumbing service in the Perth area.
  1. Service the System – Like anything else, a hot water system requires regular maintenance, and an inefficient boiler will use much more energy, whether it is gas or electric. There are online companies that service hot water systems in Perth, or any other city, and with professional guidance, your energy bills will be reduced. Ideally, your hot water system should be serviced annually, and preferably just before the cold weather arrives, as it will have to work a lot harder during the winter.
  1. Switch to Gas – Modern gas hot water systems are generally more efficient than their electric cousins, which explains the popularity among energy conscious homeowners. Whether you prefer a storage tank or an instantaneous system, gas is the ideal choice, especially if conserving energy is important to you.
  1. Adjust your Thermostat – If you have a boiler / tank system, it will be governed by a thermostat. This will shut down the boiler when the set temperature is reached. Turn it down a few degrees, then wait for 2 hours, and check the water temperature by running the faucet that is farthest away from the boiler. If it is too hot, turn the thermostat down a little more, and with trial and error, you will arrive at an optimum water temperature at a lower than usual thermostat setting.
  1. Use Less Water – By installing low-flow showerheads and not taking too long in the shower, the family can make an impact on the amount of hot water used. If your system is not working too hard, your boiler will last longer and should remain efficient.

An efficient water heater will result in energy conservation, and by making all of the family members aware, you can reduce it even more. Regular servicing will ensure that your system remains efficient and provide ample hot water using less energy.