Protect Your Identity With PGP Encryption

If you’re concerned about the privacy of your emails or BlackBerry instant messaging, and you have every reason to be, you can sleep easy knowing that there is an affordable way to keep your messages and your information safe from prying eyes. Cybercriminals, identity thieves, corporate and government spies, and even your employers could all easily open and read your email unless you use a PGP encryption service. You don’t leave your private mail lying around in public for anyone to read, especially not if it contains sensitive or potentially damaging information, so why would you allow it with your email?

Government spying is always a concern for those whose communications may have significant business and economic consequences, or that simply express discontent with a national government, especially governments like Russia and China that have proven themselves quick to punish dissenting voices. BlackBerry users who live and do business in the west are primarily concerned with more mundane security threats, including hacking, corporate monitoring, identity theft, or accidentally leaking sensitive files. Anytime they send sensitive financial information through email or instant messaging, they’re exposing themselves to theft, and anytime they use subpar security, like a single password, they’re inviting hackers to hijack their accounts. People realize that too much of their lives now exist on their phone to take any chances when it comes to keeping their information private and confidential, and they’re looking for answers from companies like that offer BlackBerry PGP encryption.

Concerned about your security online? Protect Your Identity With PGP Encryption

Privacy is quickly becoming a rare commodity in this age of high technology, and cybercrime remains the most significant threat to digital security today. Affordable privacy and peace of mind are what you’re paying for when you subscribe to BlackBerry PGP encryption from a company like Myntex, a worldwide mobile encryption company based in Calgary, Canada that offers BlackBerry encryption services through resellers located across the globe.

PGP encryption works by compressing your messages, as well as any files or photos attached to them, so that interceptors cannot make heads or tails of them without a session key generated by the service, scrambled, and sent along with the message. Only the recipient’s private key can unscramble the session key that will make the email readable, keeping your information from falling into the wrong hands. Companies like Myntex also offer additional security features like secure notepad, and remote device wipes, in case your BlackBerry is physically stolen.

Some documents that are distributed electronically are also legally required to remain private and PGP encryption is an effective way to meet such regulations. These documents include things like financial history, medical history, bank statements, non-disclosure agreements, contracts, job offers, and medical test results. Cyber thieves thrive on complacency over security and you would be amazed at the kind of information they can profitably sell once they’ve stolen it from you. Keep on top of personal security threats that have become commonplace today and subscribe to a BlackBerry PGP encryption service.