Boost your security system with Avigilon encoding

The common security system is becoming easier to defeat ... stay ahead of the curve with measures outlined in this article ... photo by CC user BrokenSphere on wikimedia commons

All businesses are aware of the importance of having security and surveillance systems in place, as this is how you protect your premises, property and employees from crime. Not all businesses are aware of the fantastic advances in the security industry in recent years, which means that many companies have an out of date and inferior system to what they should have. The advances in the industry can essentially maximise your security and make it easier and more efficient to protect yourself. Crime is a huge threat to businesses and it can be devastating, and you cannot put a price on safety. This is why many companies are now upgrading their security systems and benefiting from having such high quality systems installed.

One of the main advances has been in CCTV, as you can now get an image that is up to 15x higher resolution than that of analogue systems. This allows you to easily identify suspects, get clear identification of facial features, and have footage that is useable as evidence in court if need be (this is often not possible with analogue footage). Fortunately there is a brilliant way for businesses to quickly and easily upgrade to these high quality camera networks, and this is through an encoder which will minimise bandwidth and storage requirements for your IP security system. This allows you to unlock your camera network’s full potential and offer fantastic surveillance which could help to either deter or catch criminals. This can also be implemented with other security systems for complete protection.

Security specialists will be able to provide you with Avigilon encoding so that you can upgrade your camera network, and on top of this they will also be able to deliver a tailor made solution so that you have the best possible security system for your particular business. This will typically be comprised of HD CCTV cameras, access control systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms, barriers and gates and much, much more. Not only will this give you fantastic protection and help to deter and stop criminals, but it will also allow you to rest easily knowing that your property, premises and employees are all being kept safe at all times.

Security is essential no matter the size of your company or what industry you are in, as criminals always target businesses. There have been many great advances in the security industry in recent years, but this also means that many companies are currently operating on out of date systems which do not offer sufficient protection. Upgrading to a modern, high quality system can be simple and straightforward when you seek the services of reputable security specialists.