Sebastian Greenwood on the Basics of Small Business Marketing

When you consider what business marketing is, you’re likely to find your mind boggles. For small business owners, thorough and good marketing seems unattainable. However, it is possible to market on a smaller scale without having to spend the big bucks. It simply means that you have to learn how to be creative with your resources, stretching them to new limits. This is something Sebastian Greenwood specializes in.

Small Business Marketing According to Sebastian Greenwood

There are many ways in which you can market a business. Naturally, there are the traditional outlets such as television, radio, and print. These have been tried and tested and are known to be successful, even in today’s modern internet era. While these methods are very reliable, they’re also incredibly expensive.

If you are a start-up business, your goal should be to get noticed immediately but you don’t have the money to achieve that in the same way as a Fortune 500 company does. It is likely that most of your money is currently tied up in financing schemes and purchasing materials. Your aim, therefore, should be to start earning immediately without having to incur even greater expenses. Doing so means starting small and making your resources last. While your intention might be to become a global brand, you should start on a local basis and then start to spread out. Use the internet to your advantage as this is often free or, at most, very low cost. Social networking, for instance, is completely free to use and can have a huge impact. Once you have made an impact, you can consider starting to pay for things such as advertisements. The same is true for multimedia. Videos have a huge impact on overall marketing efforts, but there is really no reason why you shouldn’t start with something cute and homemade instead of having to hire a digital production agency.

Do also remember that word of mouth advertising continues to be one of the strongest forms of marketing around. Getting positive reviews from real customers is done by offering an excellent product and excellent customer service. You now have the benefit of the fact that people will actually tell others about your business in person but they will also do so online, particularly if you register with social media websites, yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and other such review websites.

Consider ways in which you can have Direct contact with customers in order for them to spread the word about who you are. Perhaps there is a craft fair in your local area or a festival of sorts. It doesn’t matter whether your product is linked to that, those types of events offer a very cheap way of promoting your business simply by attending and talking about who you are. Consider giving away a small promotion at that time, as there is nothing people like more than a freebie. It will encourage them to buy from you and to then talk to there contacts about their experience.