Jeeps and the City: Why You Don’t Have to Drive Off-Road to Own a Jeep

When you own a Jeep, adventurous pursuits can be had anywhere, anytime

When many people think of Jeeps they picture pristine mountain trails and wide open desert landscapes, and Jeeps bravely going where few other vehicles can go. These are indeed great thoughts that are very representative of the Jeep brand and what it stands for. It is, first and foremost, a utilitarian vehicle and for many it is used that way.

However, Jeep, in all of its wisdom, has not only created the perfect off-road vehicle, they’ve also created one that is versatile, comfortable, and great to look at. Jeep sells millions of its iconic vehicles each year, and many of them never make it off-road in their lifetime.


The reasons vary but for many people they simply don’t have the time or inclination to take their Jeeps off-road, yet they still love them. If you’re a city dweller and you’re considering a new car, here are just a few reasons why a Jeep should be your next purchase.

It’s Perfect for Bad Weather

Whether you’re driving in the city or on a country road, inclement weather can cause serious concerns when driving. Even just a minor amount of rain can make roads slick, and when you have deal with snow or ice the situation can escalate rapidly.

While you likely already know the basics of driving on slick roads, when you’re in a Jeep you can leave some of the driving up to the car itself. Jeeps have incredible stability and sophisticated braking systems that can help if you’re on an icy road. And if things get really bad just put it four-wheel drive and off you go. Just be prepared for your neighbors to ask you for favors, as their own cars are probably stuck in the driveway.

Simple Design and Repairs

One of the hallmarks of the Jeep brand lies in its simplicity. The engine and body designs are simple and straightforward, which allows for easy and sometimes very inexpensive repairs, even if you’re not a trained mechanic.

Of course your new Jeep will likely be under warranty, but even if it’s not, spare parts can be found everywhere, whether you ask your mechanic for help or you source them on your own. Simple tasks like fluid changes are a breeze, and can usually be done in your own driveway.

Fuel Economy

It’s true that a Jeep is not going to have the same fuel economy as a small sedan. That being said, the new Jeep models have improved their fuel efficiency so much that the difference is not at all as great as it once was.

A new Jeep Wrangler will net you about 17 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on the highway. These numbers are not bad at all, and you still have the knowledge that even if you’re stuck in city traffic you’re high above it all in your Jeep.

Navigating City Streets

One of the best things about a Jeep, especially the Wrangler, is its short wheel base. While this feature is generally considered to be most useful when off-road, when you’re navigating narrow city streets and need to park, this feature can be your best friend. Due to its tight turning radius a Jeep can be easily parallel parked in the tightest of spaces, with a little practice of course.

Also, because the Jeep is higher off the ground than most cars, you rarely need to worry about bottoming out or scraping the undercarriage when pesky curbs get in your way.

Expand Your Horizons

So you live in the city and you have a Jeep and you’re perfectly happy. What now? Why not take your car out and let it do what it was intended to do? All across the country are roads and trails that are specifically designated for off-road vehicles, so why not give it a try?

You’ll find maps of off-road locations and trails that are ranked from easy to difficult. Choose one that is near you and take your Jeep out for some play time. You’ll be really glad you did.

Owning a Jeep while living in the city is a practical and safe decision for any car buyer. Rejoice in your Jeep’s smart looks and great handling capabilities, especially in bad weather. You and your Jeep just might find yourselves as the talk of the town.