How to build your online business

When you learn how to build your online business, others will take notice ... photo by CC user University of Salford Press on Flickr

Looking to get your feet wet as a web entrepreneur, but are not sure where to begin? This post will serve as a tutorial on how to build your online business, so get sit down and take copious notes on the points that we will be covering below…!

Let your potential customers know that you exist

You might have invented a widget that improves the lives of people in your niche in ways no product has ever done before, but if they don’t know about it, it can’t help them, and you won’t make a dime off it.

Crafting a compelling advertisement to place on online services like Google Ads and AdBlade should be your first focus, as this will put your brand in front of customers that are interested in the product that you are offering.

Other options available to you include e-mail list promotions, affiliate marketing, and for products are well-suited to visual demonstration, creating a commercial to place on Youtube ads might be your best choice.

Old Spice, a well-known men’s fragrance brand has used this medium to great effect, as it has reinvigorated sales of its products over the last few years using humorously written ads that take Terry Crews’ intensely masculine figure to create the impression of Old Spice being the premium choice of deodorizing products for young, athletic males.

Start an industry/niche specific blog on your site

So you’ve set up your site and several orders have gone through your checkout, dropping the first few bits of revenue into your pocket. At first, you’re thrilled … until a few weeks go by, and you’re barely paying your ad bills with your sales income.

What ever happened to the perception of the internet being a place where riches rain from the sky? The problem likely isn’t your product or even your ads – when you neglect to create new content on your site (beyond putting up your product pages and writing persuasive copy on your landing page), your website’s position in the organic search rankings can stagnate, or even fall.

In order to rise to the first page, first result spot that every website owner dreams of, you’ll need more than a few SEO tricks in the background of your site …. you’ll want to start a blog.

is a classic case study of this phenomenon, as this internet marketing e-consultancy creates quality content on its blog on a regular basis. This is the foundation upon which it has built not just its SEO ranking, but its reputation as a leading authority in the web marketing industry.

Publishing articles on a regular basis and sharing them on social media (at least once per week) on topics related to your industry will keep your site fresh in Google’s and Bing’s eyes. As a bonus, being sure to include target keywords in your posts might also reel in prospects that are interested in buying your product, allowing you to grow your profits even more.

Ensure your website is designed to drive conversions

The lifeblood of any online business are conversions. This is a metric that measures how effectively your e-commerce platform turns prospects into paying customers; the higher the percentage, the better your related ads, web design, and other business activities are.

From a clean, simple to understand layout, to copy that directs your target market what to do in order to solve their problem, there are many ways to consciously design your website in a manner that turbocharges your sales.

For example, sites like Marketing Land have an immediate call to action pop-up when you load up their front page, which induces their opted-in prospects to download software, product or even subscribe to newspaper.

Another good example is online casino sites. They have call to action pop-ups and also banners in every single page. The banners offer welcome bonus, downloading the software, etc. You can click here if you want to see how an online casino site operates and use a call to action banners.

In case of Mansion Casino Australia, the pop up loaded on the front page prevents them from searching their website in vain for a download link, getting customers with credit cards in hand to the virtual cashier’s cage in an efficient and timely manner.

As you can imagine, they convert targeted and causal visitors to patrons at a rate that makes other businesses turn green with envy.