Getting Married? Here Are Some Tips to Relieve Stress

Nervous before the big day? Here are some Tips to Relieve Stress ... photo by CC user spaceodissey on Flickr

Weddings are supposed to be magical and perfect. They are supposed to encapsulate everything that is great about the people who are getting married — who they are as individuals as well as who they are as a couple and the strength of the love they have for each other. That want to ditch the wedding? What if you really do want to create a perfect day that is filled with perfect memories? Can you do this without giving yourself, your partner, and everyone you know ulcers?

Yes. And here are some tips to relieve stress that will help you do that:

Its ideas about what a perfect wedding should look and feel like. Suddenly everyone you know has very strong opinions about what kind of cake is best, what colors are best, where it should be held, etc…and all of those opinions come with a heaping side helping of guilt, as if by not incorporating what someone else wants yous true that you hope everybody will have a good time at your wedding and reception, ultimately this day is about you and what you want. Obviously some things, like health conditions and dietary restrictions need to be accommodated, but beyond that, there is no reason to walk down the aisle in a Princess Diana styled dress if you do not want to wear a Princess Diana styled dress.

The best way to deal with this is to kindly and calmly remind people that this is your wedding (if you’re not going to discuss it further. This will likely avoid a huge fight.

Trends and Traditions

Did you know that white wedding dresses aren’t looking at you, Chicken Dance.

The only traditional aspect of a marriage that actually stretches back through the eras is the wedding band, and even that has changed over time. For example, historical evidence shows that in Ancient Egypt, wedding bands were made of hemp. Today, according to Front Jewelers, wedding bands–particularly men’s band.

So, when someone insists that’s tradition! You have to do that this way!

Making The Day Your Own

Realistically, you can do anything you want during your wedding ceremony and reception as long as someone who is legally able to do so pronounces you married and signs your marriage certificate. Beyond that, everything else is totally up to you.

This is overwhelming for a lot of couples, but what we recommend is starting with those traditions we just told you to eschew (if you want) and finding ways to make them your own. Writing your own wedding vows is a very popular way of doing this. Here are a couple of others.

Instead of gathering up all of the single women and throwing your bouquet at them, a new trend is to present the bouquet to the next person in your social circle to be married (provided there is someone present who is engaged)? You can save a few of the individual flowers for yourself first and this prevents the spectacle of a bunch of women pretending to be marriage hungry.

Incorporating your family into the wedding ceremony. Having parents help light unity candles or pouring sand from separate containers into a single vessel are great ways to symbolize the union of all of your family members (this is particularly helpful if someone wants to sing).

People will try to tell you otherwise but remember: the only people getting married are you and your partner. Your opinions of the day are what will matter the most. So try to stay calm and remember: after all is said and done…you get to go on your honeymoon!