Throwing a great engagement party

The ring is only the centerpiece when it comes to having a great engagement party

This article is all about getting engaged and how to throw a great engagement party for the occasion. It includes some tips on choosing a ring, where to get one from and the various styles on offer.

Getting engaged is a big thing in anyone’s life and many people like to celebrate it with friends and family by hosting a party. It can also be an ideal way to introduce people to each other before the wedding. There are various traditions surrounding engagement parties, but it depends on the couple. It is known for the bride’s parents to host the first celebration, although this is completely up to you and many couples like to organise the party themselves.

It is a good idea to host the party within the first few months after getting engaged, while it is still fresh in people’s minds, but before the serious wedding planning stages commence. It is up to you who you invite and you can lay on some simple snacks, so there is no need to go overboard. You may want an intimate party with a few loved ones, or a larger do. Either way, plan it to suit you and your partner. It also gives you a great chance to show off your engagement ring!

Choosing an engagement ring does not need to be a hassle. There are many different options available to choose from, with various sizes, colours, designs, materials, patterns and gemstones. Varying price tags mean that you do not need to break the bank when buying a ring, but if you can afford to, then there are some extravagant options out there and diamond is often the top of the range choice. Sapphires and rubies can both be great alternatives though. It is even possible to create a bespoke design for a unique ring to make it even more special.

When searching for an engagement ring, looking online for some ideas is a good place to start, but it is also well worth visiting a top jeweller for advice. There are many all over the UK and these can be found using a quick search engine search to bring up a whole range of relevant results.

Hatton Garden in London is a particularly well known place for engagement and wedding rings. The jewellers in this location have a wealth of expertise and years of knowledge to guide you through the best option for you. They have a range of top quality rings to choose from and some even have the option to create a bespoke design using the latest 3D CAD technology. If you want to search for a jeweller in this area, you can try typing in relevant key words such as diamond engagement rings Hatton Gardento bring up a few of the suppliers. Look at their websites and compare a few against each other before making a visit. You can book an appointment for some advice from one of the experts in store.