Are You Guilty of These 5 Bikini Faux Pas?

Are you guilty of the following Bikini Faux Pas?

Photo by CC user 40026396@N05 on Flickr

For such a small item of clothing, bikinis sure do come with a lot of potential problems! Because bikinis do expose so much skin, it is crucial that you choose one that is right for your body type. Don’t let that overwhelm you, though! There is a plethora of bikini options out there, you just need to know what to look for. So you can dazzle onlookers next time you’re at the beach, we’ve compiled out top 5 bikini faux pas that you should steer clear of.

1) Say no to stuffing

If you’ve got a bit more to love up top, whether that be a larger cup size or broad shoulders, it can be tempting to go down a size to make everything look smaller. However, this is a big no-no! Not only does stuffing your body into a smaller bikini look terrible, it is also bad for your posture. A poorly fitted bikini top can cause hunched shoulders and back problems, so it’s just not worth it. Make sure you’re fitted for your bikini properly: a good fit should be snug and supportive, but never constricting.

2) Poorly fitted bikini bottoms

The poorly fitted bikini bottom faux pas comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Bikini bottoms that don’t quite cover your pubic area, that rise too high or too low for your body type, that squeeze the wrong places; there is a never ending list of ill-fitting dangers to be wary of. However, they can all be combatted by carefully considering your body type and trying on fitted bikinis accordingly. If you have a long torso, consider donning high waisted bikini bottoms to decrease the appearance of your tummy. If you have big hips, try high cut bikini bottoms to draw attention to your waist. If you have small hips, a great way to increase the appearance of curves is by wearing Brazilian shaped bikini bottoms. Check out the bikini veterans at Fella Swimsuits for all these styles and more.

3) Mediocre cover ups

Because bikinis cover so little, you’re going to want to wear an adequate cover up on your way the pool or beach. However, there are many cover ups out there that don’t have a place off the runway. Avoid overly sheer beach dresses, or styles that are far too short or with too many cut-outs. What’s the point of wearing a cover up if it, in fact, doesn’t do any covering up!

4) OTT

Bikinis are naturally a progressive design of clothing, so they don’t need to be bejewelled to the brim or dripping in gold. If you love outlandish prints or designs, that’s totally okay, but just remember that not everyone can pull this off! Moreover, wild bikini designs and prints won’t stay in fashion for as long. Instead, opt for classic, plain colours in a flattering design. That way, you’ll have a bikini that will last you well beyond the season.

5) Leaving nothing to the imagination

No one has a perfect body, and nobody is better than another’s. It’s important to remember this, and to not try and shame others for wanting to show a bit of skin! However, there are plenty of bikini designs that are both creatively daring whilst still leaving something to the imagination. Listen to your body type: what is comfortable for you? Are you constantly readjusting or playing with your bikini? If so, you might want to consider something more suited to you, just so you’re more comfortable and therefore having a happier time in the sun.

Don’t let bikini shopping get you down this summer! Consider what makes you feel the most comfortable and what suits your lifestyle best, and then make sure you’re fitted properly. Happy swimming!