3 Outdoor Furniture Hot Spots!

Ladies and gents, put down pack away that vacuum cleaner and pull out your lawn mowers! It’s time to start sprucing up our outdoor setups. Does your patio need some brightening and lightening up? Do you need climatic yet dramatic enticers to get your guests to enjoy your outdoor lounge? (paired with a glass of Merlot of course!)

It is time to find the motivation to make your outdoor furniture something you can call out-believable! From distinguished artwork, to stunning heat and shelter ideas, we’ll show you some of the hottest current trends that will certainly wow your family and friends when they visit your home.

Abstract, Impact Art

This pairs well with Outdoor Furniture

There is no better way to liven up your outdoor area than with some contemporary artwork. It is probably that dash of colour your backyard needs. Contemporary Bellingen Artwork is quickly becoming the new “it” style art, being that is so easy to incorporate into your outdoor area. Neutral plain coloured walls like beige, white and even black work best when complemented by pieces that encapsulate distinct vivid colours like plum, rosewood and pale green colours.

This pairs well with Outdoor Furniture also

Outdoor Furniture can liven up your backyard

If you’re colour shy, you’re in luck. Black and white works are making a comeback. Start by letting the artwork hang-out on any background and lighten the area with some outdoor candles or heaters. Then, slowly start adding small amounts of colour, like Stonefields Cushions or a small patterned mat – you’ll be off and running!

Heating 2.0

A patio heater is a welcome piece of outdoor furniture come fall

Whether you’re hosting this week’s gathering, wine and cheese tasting or need to keep your backyard warm and cosy, Cyl Heating is literally your knight in shining armour. Its cylindrical design allows the flame to elevate and lift into a burning bright light. Outdoor furniture needs to be weather-resistant, environmentally friendly. A heater like this makes a dramatic addition to any alfresco party or event – at any time of the year.

Keep it under the Umbrella

Outdoor Furniture can make your outdoor spaces look snazzy

Escorting the dining world to tackle the outdoors is a favourite trend of ours for 2016. A light drizzle shouldn’t sizzle any plans you’ve already made, so it is always good to have a back-up to any inclement weather you or our trusty weather reporters don’t see coming.

Manutti Umbrella’s allow you to enjoy your meal (and your company) whilst being able to make a strong statement about your glorious taste in outdoor furniture. We love the idea of turning a patio into a dining area. Who says you can’t sit outside if the sun isn’t perfectly lit? Let us join them once and for all, everything outside just makes more sense. If you have a smaller outdoor lounging space, make the most of it with a more neutral coloured shelter. It will make the space feel larger and more inviting, making the choice to eat in or out… a walk in the park!

Try experimenting with one or more of these ideas in your own space and let us know what works best for you. What are some other outdoor furniture trends you think will blossom? Let us know!