5 Ways To Save Money On Your Property

Giving your home a much needed facelift doesn’t always have to cost the Earth. Whether you’re looking to spruce up in order to sell, renovating a new property that you’ve just bought, or simply would like a change in your home without breaking the bank, there are plenty of ways that you can just that in a cost effective way.


A lick of paint

The easiest way to bring a new lease of life into your home is by giving the place a fresh lick of paint. Whether you want to repaint the whole house or just one or two rooms in particular, if you’re looking for a quick fix for something different, it’s the easiest way to go. A quick trip to a shop for supplies, or to the shed to re-use leftover paint you already have from other rooms, and you’ll be sorted with equipment and new colours in no time, ready to pull on the overalls and transform your home from shabby to chic!

Laying down the floor

When you walk into a room, which are the two things you notice instantly? You’ll often find it’s the walls and the flooring. So if you’re looking to make more of an impact in your home, think about laying some new vinyl or laminate flooring. This can be bought by the pack and is pretty fuss-free to install yourself rather than having to pay to hire help. Or you could just look into re-varnishing or re-grouting the flooring that you already have, just to breathe some new life into it to really make a difference.

Comfort for sleeping and seating

Is your sofa starting to sag? Bedsprings not as bouncy as they used to be? It could be time to upgrade the vital pieces of furniture in your home, but within your budget. Perhaps look into buying reclaimed furniture to replace any pieces showing wear, or compare prices of various stores to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. Bed sites such as www.divancentre.co.uk are useful for looking at many different types of beds, many of which can double up as space-saving furniture to enhance your bedroom.


The most practical way to save money when renovating your property is by learning to do it yourself, reducing any further installation costs from outside help. There are plenty of books to help teach you how to do so, as well as YouTube tutorials and websites instructing you in detail how to improve certain areas of your home. Thrifty, and more useful in the long run! Use interior design tools to help model out your changes before starting your project, that way you’ll avoid going into an expensive project that is unrealistic and undeliverable.

Alternative supplies

Halve your costs by buying imitations of materials or lookalike furniture pieces rather than the expensive real thing. You don’t need to use real leather on your sofas or real mahogany flooring, if you can find an imitation that looks and feels exactly the same. Most of the time you won’t be able to tell the difference and they’ll vastly reduce your renovation costs! Plus many high street retailers provide similar replicas of designer furniture for a fraction of the cost that are remarkable good quality. Find your dream item, then find a way of getting the same thing much cheaper.