Have Designs on the Best Looking Home in 2016

With 2016 off and running, are you looking to redesign your home?

While the economy is still troubling for many Americans, many others have a little extra money in their pockets, thereby allowing them to work on some home renovation projects.


Whether it is adding new Phoenix flooring in the kitchen or living room, getting those cabinets one has wanted for some time now in the kitchen or bathroom, or installing some new fixtures in the bathroom, this year may be the right time for you to take on one or more of those projects, giving your residence a fresh look for 2016.

In order to find the best company to work with on one or more projects, think about the following tips, allowing you to nail-down the best service provider:

1. Have a plan

Doing a major or minor remodel of your home is not something you should take for granted. Take the time to put together a “mission statement” if you will, just like a business does when it sets out or renews it goals.

Your plan should include what kind of budget you have to work with, what you’re looking to accomplish, and the timetable for completing the work. Your budget will undoubtedly be the biggest factor involved in your remodeling wishes. While some folks do remodeling projects on the spur of the moment, many others plan them out months and even sometimes a year or so in advance, allowing them to compile the necessary financial resources.

Have a relative budget that you can comfortably work with, thereby preventing you from going way over budget. Costs and manpower time can of course change, but be as prepared as possible to stick to your intended budget.

As for the realities of the project, if you live in cold weather and snowy regions of the country, doing an outdoor remodeling project obviously doesn’t make sense in the dead of winter. If you’re doing a kitchen or dining room remodel, starting such a project right before Thanksgiving or Christmas is also not ideal timing, especially if you typically host big family gatherings at those times of the year. Check your social calendar and decide when is the best time of the year to set aside a block of time, time that you can live with a little clutter and disorganization around the home. Having a residence under construction can of course be stressful, so do your best to minimize the commotion by planning things out well in advance. Doing so will also make things easier for the outside help assisting you in the renovation work.

2. Customer service

When undertaking a major project like installing new flooring or cabinets, remodeling a bathroom or tearing up a dining or living room for an entirely new look, the customer service your chosen service provider offers is of utmost importance, thereby reducing the chances of problems arising. Think about it; you can’t sign-off on a deal and then have problems reaching the provider, having quibbles over the pricing etc. Make sure you get some background on any provider you consider going with, especially how they react to customer inquiries and/or issues. While you might opt to go with the lowest price available for your new installations and/or remodels, the lowest price doesn’t necessarily include the best customer service.


3. Follow-up care

Lastly, don’t work with a company which is only looking out for its bottom dollar. It sounds to reason that if you do one project with a company and are satisfied with the work and price, you’re going to go back to them the next time around. Any company worth its weight will follow-up with you after a home project, making sure you were satisfied with the work and the workers who did the project or projects. Home remodeling companies which make themselves available to you after the work is properly done are those who you want to do business with in the future.

If the New Year is the time for you to consider one or more home remodeling projects, set your designs on what you want done and who is best suited to do it for you.