Is Your Technology Focus Lean Enough?

If you don’t have a lean and focused technological outlook in 2016, you could be doomed for potential failure as a company.


With many businesses facing financial challenges in today’s world, a large number of them are looking to do more with less. In some cases, that practice is doable, especially if technology is involved.

While the human element of a business should never be taken for granted, there are some ways by where technology can replace the human approach.

Meantime, there are other industries wherein the human contribution is all but necessary to provide the best customer service experience for one’s clients.

No matter which camp you find your brand falling under, you should always look to see how you can make your business a leaner machine without sacrificing customer service and ultimately your bottom dollar.

Consultants Can Provide the Right Answers

If you find your business in need of some assistance this year and beyond, stop for a few minutes to see how a leaner technological approach could enhance the positive aspects you already deliver customers as a business owner.

First, have you done a true review of your business in just the last year? If the answer is no – is this commonplace for you not to review the ups and downs of your company – or was this a one-time thing?

In the event you have not been reviewing your business operations due to lack of time and/or manpower, has the thought crossed your mind to reach outside and get the help of lean manufacturing consultants?

With the right consultant/s in place, you can zero-in on getting top value for each and every client under your guise. This means you can better accomplish initiatives with less money spent and reducing the amount of production time needed to reach your goals.

Stop for a moment and think about all the waste (notice and oftentimes unnoticed) that occurs on a regular basis inside your company.

The waste time can be in a number of areas, some of which includes:

  • Transportation of goods, services and technological efforts
  • Keeping up to speed on inventory and stocking of your product/s
  • Motion involved to make the process work flawlessly
  • Decreasing the waiting time that can hinder your ability to deliver on-time products and services to customers
  • Excess production and processing, both of which can cost you additional revenue over time
  • Items and services that prove defective, one or both of which leads to rework time and energy. That time and energy can both be better spent, thereby not slowing down the jobs assigned to employees

If you decide that 2016 is the right time to find the best lean manufacturing consultants for your business, especially in allowing you to maintain a technological edge over your competitors, keep the following in mind when searching for consulting assistance:

1. Research – Spend all necessary time getting the consulting choice right the first time around. You may be tempted to go for the lowest price or what seems like the least amount of hassle, but you could end up making matters worse. Do your research (both online and through word-of-mouth) to locate the best consulting out there;

2. Customer service – Finding the right lean manufacturing consultants means locating the top provider in the area of customer service. In order to do this, interview any and all consulting businesses, along with finding some companies who have worked with them. This will give you a better feel for their customer service efforts. Do they respond immediately to the needs of clients or take their good old time? Is the feedback they provide you with constructive and productive or just some “business talk” that really does you and your customers no good at the end of the day? Lastly, are they consultants who have a history of top-notch customer service or do they carry their share of negative baggage around?

3. Longevity – Finally, you want to work with people who will be around for the long-term. Face it; many companies of all kinds come and go on a regular basis. Find consultants who not only have a positive track record, but project initiatives and produce results now and down the road. If you’re planning as a business owner to be around for years to come, you want those assisting you doing likewise.

Keeping your business in the forefront, especially when it comes to technology and worker production, is something you can’t lose focus of today, tomorrow and far beyond that.