4 Ways Augmented Eyewear Can Improve Your Life


Augmented eyewear is the next quantum leap in integrated computing ... photo by CC user Mikepanhu on wikimedia

Following the success of Google Glass and now the Apple Watch, the blur between technology and everyday accessories is growing more and more advanced. For those interested in upgrading their life and reaching their goals across travel, fitness, business and more, augmented technology is well worth paying attention to. Not only can computer-generated sensory input help sharpen your decision making but it can also help streamline your day too.

Let’s take a look at four ways augmented eyewear can help improve your life.

User Voice Commands

According to the experts at eyewear store Shade Station, the features we’re beginning to see in augmented eyewear and becoming more and more impressive across models. Google Glass, for example, features user voice controlled commands, meaning people can take photographs on the go as well as record video, all via their own voice. The ability to take and record visual data, so rapidly and effectively, will help people better organise their lives and make more informed decisions based on a wider collection of information.


One of the key features of augmented eyewear that will really help busy people who don’t want to waste unnecessary amounts of time finding addresses or working out how to reach places are the built-in GPS features in development. The Oakley Airwave, for example, allows wearers to find locations with preloaded maps as well as track their friends using its GPS system. Couple that with high definition displays, like those seen in the Google Glass that is comprised of Liquid Crystal on Silicon, and augmented eyewear suddenly seems all the more appealing for those yet aware of the technologies multiple benefits.

Expanded Vision

Augmented eyewear also promises to push the boundaries even with its most basic of uses; allowing its wearers to see better. Take, for example, the NVIDIA Pinlight, set to be released in late 2015 or early 2016, which goes one further than traditional eyewear by expanding the wearers field of vision without expanding the weight and size of the model. Leaving out conventional optics like lenses and beam splitters is how the Pinlight promises to do so, thus becoming incredibly useful to people working in professions that require a wide field of vision.

Applications and Accessories

Augmented eyewear also promises to make full use of the on-going developments in the app world which are helping millions of people become more productive, better entertained and keeping a greater track on their personal goals. Sony’s Smart Eye Glass, just as other augmented eyewear models do likewise, offers its wearers full use of applications like an electronic compass, brightness sensor, sound recorder and camera.

To find out more about the on-going and existing developments in augmented eyewear and how it might help improve your quality of life, take a look at the following infographic.