The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is an exciting time for many sports fans around the world ... photo by CC user 67764570@N06 on Flickr

The Rugby World Cup is a very exciting time in the sports world and many will be flocking to this tournament to see the man’s sport being played. The big five teams in the world will all be playing against each other to earn the title of Rugby World Cup champion. These teams are excited to be traveling from all over the world. The top five teams are traveling from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales and England to play in this tournament. The games begin on September 18, 2015 and end October 30, 2015 with all games being held in different places throughout Ireland. Tickets will sell out quickly for this popular tournament so the time to get your tickets is now.

How The Rugby World Cup Tournament Works

When this tournament first began it was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand and has been a growing inspiration even since. It is split into a couple of different stages. The first of these stages is the group stage. This is when the twenty different teams from the different nations split into four different groups or pools A-D. Each pool will include five nations. The four teams that rank the highest are placed in each group and then the remaining teams are split into each group randomly. The winner and runner up of each of these pools will be determined by wins and bonus points and will then be moved to the knockout stage. During this stage there are quarterfinals, semi finals and then the final. The winners of each of these pools are put up against the runner up of a different pool. The teams will progress through this process until the winner is found. For this reason there are many games to be played and many tickets to be had. Of course the closer you get to the final game the harder the tickets will be to get. If you do not get tickets to this tournament you will have to wait until the year 2019 to enjoy the games in Japan.

Enjoying The Tournament

By getting your tickets early you will be able to watch some of the best rugby games in the world from the comfort of several of the finest stadiums in England such as London’s Twickenham stadium, Wembley Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Manchester City Stadium, and Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.. If you enjoyed the FIFA World Cup this is another tournament that you will not want to miss and because England is going to be playing at their home stadiums you can rest assure that they will be playing the best games of rugby that they possibly can.


Every team that is heading for the Rugby World Cup has their hopes set high for winning the entire tournament. This will make this international event very popular and tickets are sure to sell quickly. If you want to guarantee that you will be able to sit in the comfort of the different stadiums you should buy tickets now!