5 Reasons why you should avoid using other chargers for your Dell Laptop

Third party chargers for your Dell Laptop should be avoided ... photo by CC user Evan-Amos on wikimedia commons

If you have been using a Dell laptop since a long time, you may have wondered if it is necessary to use only a Dell laptop charger to charge your machine. May be you have had problems with your charger and you have seen other brand charger that is much cheaper than the original one, or maybe you have a spare charger at your home from your old laptop that is being unused. Whatever be the reason, the question may have probably crossed your mind at some point. Well, the answer is a big NO! Every time you want to charge your Dell laptop, make sure that you use only the original and authentic dell laptop charger or it can lead to disastrous consequence. Here are 6 reasons you should not even think about using any other charger:

  1. Warranty lapse

If you compare the Dell laptop prices, some of the premium models come with a premium price tag. But, the price is worth it, considering the laptops specs, performance and more importantly warranty. However, if you use any type of charger other than the authentic Dell charger, your warranty would be automatically considered as void.

  1. Specific power settings

Every laptop manufacturer has their own unique power supply type and power setting for their line of laptop models. The makers of Dell laptops design the different models with unique power settings; hence it is advisable to use only the charger that is compatible with the model you own. If you use any other charger that is not compatible with your laptop power settings it would cause great harm to your laptop.

  1. Proprietary chargers

Dell is one of the few laptop manufacturers that has made its laptop and notebook chargers proprietary. What essentially implies is that if you face any problem with your charger, you must go to the authorized Dell shop for repairs or to buy a replacement/new charger that is specific to your laptop model. Even the connectors are Dell specific.

  1. Damage due to difference in electrical frequencies

Even if other brands charger fits your Dell laptop don’t use it. There will be subtle difference in the electrical frequencies, which would prevent the charger from powering your laptop. If the charger you are using has a higher electric frequency there is a great risk that it would cause serious damage to your battery.

Often times, you may find that when you try to use other brand charger to charge your Dell laptop, the battery doesn’t charge. This happens because every Dell laptop model has a regulator inside that prevents charging because of the difference in the electrical frequencies. This is a great feature because it prevents the damage to your laptop battery.

  1. High chances of fire or short circuit

If you use different charger you not only put your laptop at great risk of severe damage but also sometimes it may cause a fire and short circuit in your home.

Dell laptops and chargers are completely designed to be compatible only with each other, so if you want to use any other charger, do it at your own peril.