8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Memorial Diamonds

The reasons why a person has a memorial diamond made are as varied as the individual diamonds grown. The idea is to have a tangible item that represents the departed for those left behind. To be cliché and truthful at the same time, diamonds are forever. They truly are beautiful reminders of those closest to us.

However, they don’t have to be made at the end of a person’s life, they can even be made as a person grows. Memorial diamonds can be used to represent the beginning of a new life, used to start a family tree or at the pivotal midway point in a person’s life like a marriage. They make heartfelt gifts to spouses and children, they can be used to mark victories in life.

Making memorial diamonds is not always marking the end of a journey in life, they are only limited by the imagination of the person making the diamonds. All it really takes is a small amount of the person’s hair to start making memorial diamonds

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider investing in memorial diamonds.

  1. Constant and beautiful representation of the departed

To most people, diamonds truly are a beautiful creation. They are held in high esteem for the complex natural representation of far more complex emotions. They hold promises, and they signify dreams come true.

Even the uncut diamond of a loved one is a sight to behold and something to always be treasured. But the personal choice to cut and polish a diamond is always there and you can opt to have jewellery made for multiple members of your family. The possibilities can be truly endless.

  1. They can make wonderful family heirlooms

In a very emotional way, memorial stones can be family heirlooms. How would it feel to be able to carry a testament of your family’s history? To have a ring that is passed down from father to son or mother to daughter? It can begin a tradition, and a testament to our children that we can truly be there with them, always and forever.

No matter how the familial journey begins, it is one that can be built upon. The journey of a million miles begins with the first step.  It may start with a wife carrying her husband with her, but who knows where a journey like that can end up? Depending on the initial choice made, even multiple children can begin separate journeys of the two lives they felt most connected with.

  1. Memorial diamonds are real diamonds

If you chose a reputable company like Lonité to make the diamonds, you have several assurances that the diamonds are indeed real. They will have the same chemical makeup of any other naturally mined diamond. They will be virtually indistinguishable from mined diamonds. The only real difference is in how they are made which will be noted on their reports as well as the certifications of authenticity by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

While it may be harder to place a monetary value on a memorial diamond, it should be considered to have the exact same value as any other laboratory grown diamond and those tend to be in line with mined diamonds due to the technology not being available to massively produce laboratory diamonds.

  1. Memorial diamonds do make excellent gifts

A person doesn’t have to wait to pass on before having a piece of them created into a diamond. You can use hair samples so that your spouse or children can always have a piece of you with them. It has often been said that the most loved and perfect gifts people can receive are ones from the heart.

Memorial diamonds are the perfect gifts because they are a part of you that can always be nearby. These diamonds can be made well in advance so they don’t require passing on. They can also be made in a predetermined carat size and are only restricted in quantity by the amount of available hair.

  1. They can be used to start a family memorial item

There is always going to be someone in the family who is interested in genealogy and using memorial diamonds are excellent for making a tangible family tree. Not only can we see how the tree grows as the family grows, but a piece of the person will always be present and not just the name remembered.

Opting to leave the diamonds naturally coloured will leave it varied in the tree. While it is common to get an amber shaded diamond, the hue colours will be as individual as the person was.

  1. They can make the perfect mother’s or father’s ring

A parental ring is typically a ring made up of the gemstones associated to the birth month of their children. With memorial diamonds, you can actually have a piece of your children set in rings and it means so much more. A parent who has children in April may know that each diamond represents each child, but anyone else who sees it may only see the ring for what the stone is; a simple diamond ring. When the children’s months are varied, the ring suggests that it is more than just a stone filled ring. When using memorial diamonds, each stone is as individual as the person and will be a conversational piece.

Because memorial diamonds aren’t restricted to just the cremated remains of a person, they can be made when it suits a person. Waiting to perform a child’s first haircut opens up the possibility to make a memorial diamond of them early in life.

  1. The ultimate engagement ring

It’s a common practice all over the world to go diamond ring shopping in preparation of pending nuptials. A lot of concern goes into the quality of a diamond and there is a vast market. There will always be some disreputable people trying to sell you a diamond that is less than it appears.

When people decide to get their nuptials, they are promising each other an eternity together. The diamond represents this promise because it is forever. But more emotion can be put into it if you decide to have the engagement ring made with a diamond created from your hair. With a memorial diamond, you aren’t just promising to be with that person forever, but an actual piece of you will forever be with that person. It says that you are not only promising an eternity, but making sure a piece of you is there for eternity.

  1. They can also be used to mark journeys of the family pet

This may be as abstract a representation as ever, but many families have a beloved dog or cat that they will undergo an entire funeral process for. The possibility doesn’t just end with humans, because memorial diamonds can even be made from your beloved pet’s hair.

It is really left to the imagination what can be made into memorial diamonds and each one has its own set of possibilities and influences. Creating a small diamond and affixing it to a picture of the beloved pet for a scrapbook is an idea that comes to mind, as well as affixing the same diamond to a collar of the pet.

These are just 8 simple reasons why people should consider investing in memorial diamonds. In most cases that cost to create a memorial diamond is considerably less than purchasing one.


While currently laboratory diamonds hold almost an equal value as to mined diamonds, there is nothing more valuable than having those fond memories represented in a physical form that is forever.