The ABC’s to Bespoke Suits

Special occasion or not, every gentleman should own a bespoke suit to shift them from ordinary to extraordinary whenever they need it most. Maybe you have an event coming up, maybe you’ve decided you want to wow your work colleagues, or maybe…just maybe, it’s time to impress your woman.

In this article, you’ll learn the ABC’s (or CBA’s) to understanding the finer details that make a suit great. We hope that when you do venture out to purchase your bespoken beauty, you take the ABC’s on board…

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C for Confidence:

Not only is a custom-made suit designed to fuel your confidence, it’s also important that you wear it with confidence. When you try on your suit it should transform your body language, posture and mental state. When you increase confidence, your body language automatically compliments this, thus making you a more attractive and approachable individual. Make no mistake, you won’t turn into a boast-like show off, you’ll just feel better. With an improved mood comes an enhanced mental state, which essentially alters the way you conduct conversation and make important decisions. This is why we love personalized suits. They have the ability to not only transform the way you look, but the way you feel. In that final fitting if you have not reached a satisfying level of confidence because of the way it fits, talk to your tailor, open communication is always best.

B for Bespoke

On that note, it’s important we segment a whole paragraph to the way the suit fits. There is nothing worse than having to buy an off the rack suit that’s too long, short, wide or tight and before you know it you’re left in the alteration department anyway, trying to make it look ‘wearable’. Bespoke suit tailoring is all about openly communicating to your tailor exactly how you desire the suit to fit your body. The meaning of the word bespoke itself comes from the verb “bespeak” which specifically refers to giving a specific request for something to be made. If you’re not sure where to start, that is entirely okay! All great tailors welcome the chance to share their ideas with you. Whether you know what you are looking for or know what you’re not looking for any communication is good communication. Remember, this suit is being made from scratch – so it’s critical you are a part and present in the process.

A for Accessorize 

Now that you are feeling confident and special, it’s time to accessorize. If you purchase a few different accessorises, and learn the different ways they can be worn, you can make your suit look different every time you put it on.  Here are the 3 accessories we love:


Perhaps the most common type of neckwear, over the years its held as the longest, classiest accessory that is almost a shared standard amongst the gentleman community. We recommend buying silk (anything else will look cheap) and trying a skinny, slim, standard or bowtie to see which works best.

Pocket Square:

These days there are countless designs and ways to fold a pocket square, we’ve decided to share our favourite two with you:

  1. Presidential Fold / Square Fold – this fold can be used for both formal or casual outings and looks best with a solid colour. Simply fold pocket square in half, then in half again to create a sharp edge that breaks up the suits boldness.
  2. The Puff Fold – this fold is simple and quick and always comes out a stunner. Simple lay your pocket flat, pick it up from the center and insert into the pocket. This look great with a patterned or solid pocket square.

Tie Clip/Bar:

With a tie clip/bar it is all about getting the height right. The rule is simple: wear the bar between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. Once you have the location secure, ensure the tie bar clips to the front and back end of your tie as well as to the placket of your shirt.

And there you have it!

Now that you know ABC’s (or CBA’s) that make up a good quality suit, we hope the next suit you purchase is nothing but the finest.