Web Design: Explaining Conversion Design 

Generating traffic to your website these days is essential, especially if you’re a small to medium business. What’s even more essential is converting this traffic into actual paying customers. This is where conversion focused web design comes in. Conversion design is centred around providing prospects with the best possible experience when browsing your site. This means minimizing any friction from a technical perspective, while from a marketing perspective highlighting the benefits of your product or service that solves their needs.

Benefits Over Features

Talking about yourself is easy, and businesses tend to do this as a lot. Boasting about their products and what they are instead of what they can do for the customer is not a sure way to increase qualified leads and sales. The digital space is cluttered with information, so it is essential to stand out by tailoring your content and targeting your benefit driven message to a specific buyer persona. Your target market should always be at the center of your web design and content development, and should always be addressing their needs. A simple way to put this is by answering the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’. This will ensure your customers are satisfied and pick you over your competitors.

Calls to Action

Calls to actions act as physical conversion points on your website. You’ve done all the ground work in explaining how you can provide benefit your potential customers, now it is a matter of allowing them to easily get in touch with you. Think of it like this, your web design and content should seamlessly guide a browser to these conversion points, and a good call to action should effectively prompt them to engage with you.

Like the content throughout your website, a good call to action should also focus on the benefits your product or service can provide, and not be feature focused. Copy on a call to action is also very important and could mean the difference between converting a prospect into an actual paying customer. If a call to action further supports your already established benefits by providing more benefits, then it becomes quite the compelling and enticing offer.


To make money through your website, your web design needs to be focused around conversion. Too many businesses literally end up bleeding leads due to focusing on the features their products and services have instead of describing the benefits and how this will solve their target market’s problem. In layman’s terms, they come to you with a problem, you need to clearly highlight the solution. That is your job and that is what will earn you a spot in their wallets.

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