PCI Compliant Websites

E-commerce sites must be PCI compliant to process credit card payments. With SiteLock your website will be PCI compliant quickly and easily. SiteLock is the world leader in website security. As part of their service packages they work in close collaboration with your e-commerce site to ensure that it meets the strict requirements of PCI compliancy. From assessment to remediation to long-term maintenance you can be assured your website will be secure from fraud and data theft.

Clients regularly comment in their SiteLock reviews that PCI compliance was easy and quick when working with SiteLock. Their self-assessment questionnaire and security features make the process simple to rectify any security issues there may be with the website.


“Security is not a problem any longer. My website host has corrected the problem, and I now have a SiteLock stamp on my homepage. My SiteLock rep was effective, efficient and loyal to making SiteLock shine and retain customers.” M. Madrazo

Meeting and exceeding security requirements for compliance, SiteLock helps you comply in minutes. Avoid fines and fees with non-compliance issues and reduce the chances of fraud for your customers.

Using a simple self-assessment questionnaire developed by the website security experts at SiteLock, you will know where any weaknesses in your site may exist. SiteLock will then work to ensure your online experience is the most secure by removing and repairing any malware or security vulnerabilities on your site. Quarterly scans and assessments for all e-commerce clients are performed to maintain the highest level of security and the best rate of compliance in the industry.

The PCI scan results are provided to inform you of any identified weaknesses. SiteLock offers a “Fix-It Plan” for your business; complete with templates on policy and procedure that you can use to update your company details, reach compliance quicker, and reduce any legal and financial risks.

PCI DSS compliance is obtained in three essential steps:

  1. Assess

Ensuring the security of client data that is exchanged or processed during any transaction or stored by your company by identifying any procedural, processing or technological risks your website may pose is the primary goal of assessment.

  1. Remediate

Using the data garnered during your assessment, any vulnerabilities, flaws in coding, or other potential gateways are fixed to ensure cardholder data is secure in all processes.

  1. Report

PCI compliance requires regular reporting; these reports are submitted to any banks and payment processing centers you do business with. Quarterly reporting is required of all merchants and processors via the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Once all your business transactions are PCI compliant and held to the highest security standards by the world’s leader in website security, your customers will feel secure in the knowledge that their financial and personal data is well protected.