Top Dinosaur Industries Due for a Tech Boom

Although technology has advanced many different industries in recent years, some always seem to be lagging behind the curve. This is largely because there’s been an old-school way of doing things in these industries, and many of the leaders at the top are hesitant about implementing technology. Read on to learn more about how these industries work and how technology may help to revolutionize them in the coming years.

Health Care

Although healthcare has marginally moved forward with the implementation of electronic health records, there is still plenty of opportunities advances in insurance to do things even better. For example, applications and programs that help keep track of the medications that people are taking so that someone could easily be checked at the emergency room or elsewhere in a situation when they can’t speak could do wonders to alert doctors to potential medication interactions.

Many physicians are still using paper health records and outdated ways of keeping track of things. The healthcare industry is ripe for a technological boom and this is also a hot area for developers and technological innovators to take a look at how things can be done even better while also keeping to high standards for patient care.


Life and long-term care insurance are both critical components of looking ahead to a powerful financial future and protecting your interests so that your family members can be assisted if something were to happen to you, and so that you don’t decimate all of your retirement plan savings. Unfortunately, however, electronic applications have only just come into vogue in the insurance industry, and overall, the industry is relatively slow to adapt. The life insurance and … the automobile insurance industry has outpaced life and long-term care and disability insurance as far as implementing technological avenues. For example, many insurance agents in the life insurance space are only just beginning to use electronic selling over Skype to make connections with customers.

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning is another industry that is ripe for major improvements. Although central air conditioning has become a staple in the majority of American homes, it is often not the most efficient system. In fact, homes that have older air conditioning systems installed throughout may be operating inefficiently. Most home buyers or renters don’t even think twice to evaluate the air conditioning system, but this can be a major drain on your energy costs and be wildly inefficient. Doing a maintenance check on the air conditioner and deciding to install ductless AC instead helps to remove outmoded technology and do something that has a better carbon footprint and is easier to install. Air conditioning has been around for many years, but could definitely use an upgrade. Also with the rise of E-commerce air condtioner marketplaces, it can changes the consumer shipping expireince.

The Legal Industry

The law is another area that could use a major enhancement in terms of technology. While electronic discovery and storage of exhibits online has made things somewhat easier for attorneys today and their staff to keep track of things in preparation for a case, many of the courtrooms across the United States are still extremely outdated. One way in which technology has slowly been infused into this industry is the implementation of electronic court reporting. However, there are flaws with this system as the transcripts are often produced after the fact and this gives the people making those transcripts no opportunity to ask clarifying questions. This could lead to errors in transcripts and court records that could prompt someone to file an appeal.

Despite these challenges, this is an indication that there is a great deal of room for growth in the legal industry as it relates to technology. The legal industry has always been relatively slow to change and uncomfortable with vast technological advancements. However, the opportunity is knocking at the door.

What other industries do you think need a big boost when it comes to implementing technology?