Investing in Middle Eastern business: finding and judging an opportunity

photo by CC user Jan Michael Pfeiffer on Flickr

When looking for a new business opportunity, investors have to weigh up many pros and cons in order to come to the right decision. Not only does the state of a particular trade or market sector come into the spotlight, but also the way that nations or indeed whole regions are performing can be a key factor in making a choice. The Middle East is an area that offers many different opportunities across a wide range of investments, and this is why it has become so important in the global economic picture over the last decade. Ready to begin investing in Middle Eastern business? This article will clear up any remaining concerns and questions…

Things to consider

While investors looking to put their money into a Middle Eastern business might be spoilt for choice when it comes to working out exactly what to back, there are some ways in which striking a deal can differ from the way it might be achieved elsewhere in the world. Cultural issues can mean that finalizing a deal can be tricky for foreign investors who have not had dealings in the region before, but this should really present no more difficulties than working with partners in the Far East does in terms of understanding a few basic conventions and practices.


The population of the Middle East is growing steadily by 1.5 percent a year, which is the equivalent of adding the entire total inhabitants of a country the size of Turkey every decade. Perhaps of key interest to investors is the fact that the demographic is young, with an average age of 25 years old. It is also a growing middle class in terms of income and aspirations, so all of these factors come together to create a wealth of opportunities for investment across a range of projects.

Local knowledge

Finding and judging the opportunities on offer can come down to having local knowledge on your side. This can also really come into its own when the time comes to work out how a deal should be handled. Kuwait is a successful and growing economic force in the region, and if you connect to Fahad Al Rajaan, you will be able to make use of the knowledge and experience that he has built up over his entire career. Currently the Director General of The Public Institution for Social Security in the country, a position he has held since 1984, Al Rajaan has also been Chairman and Managing Director of Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium and of the Kuwait Investment Company.

Future prospects

As the Middle East continues to develop its infrastructure and lead the way in massive construction and technological development projects, the chances are that there will be an investment opportunity to suit all, from those seeking blue chip safety to others who might like the chance to see bigger returns in a shorter time frame. Whatever your position, having your own contact “on the ground” will certainly enhance the prospects of getting in on the right deal at the right time.