Your Marquee Buying Guide

So you’re sick of the rain, sun and wind and finally committed to the idea of buying a marquee. Sounds like a stable and strong idea, but, where do you go from here?

When you are deciding on which marquee to take home, it is imperative you understand how cost correlates to quality. Sure, you can get yourself something that looks like a marquee from a large camping/outdoorsy store, but that’s all you will get. Something that looks the part, not plays the part. So, to help you on your marquee migration we’ve created a buying guide that will surely simplify your search.

  1. Ensure Roofing is Constructed from Quality Fabric

Certainly, if you’ve researched before reading this article, you would have stumbled across the variety of canopies out there. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Is it waterproof?
  • Is it seam sealed 100%?
  • Does the material conform to ultraviolet protection at UPF 50+?

If the marquee you are looking at can answer yes to all 3 of these questions, then it is on track to becoming a reliable and satisfying purchase!

    2. Choose a strong leg metal frame

The last thing you want is your brand new marquee trampling down because you didn’t take note of the leg frame material and width. A good, stable leg frame should be approximately 40mm in width and made out of aluminium. A great feature of marquees these days is that they are quick and easy to manoeuvre. Look for legs that are flute cut. This means that the poles can slide smoothly up and down and thus, allows for a really easy set-up and pack up.

Another strength of going with an aluminium leg frame is it makes the marquee relatively light-weight, thus, making it easy to transport. To give you an idea, a good quality 2.4 x2.4M marquee (with all features previously mentioned) should way around 18kg out of the carry bag. This makes it an excellent addition to any kind of outdoor activity you might have planned in the future due to its light transportation traits.

    3. Make sure it matches the uses you need it most for

It’s crucial you answer the below questions in order to determine what kind of marquee you need most. Depending on your answers you’ll be able to combine the information you need to go to a trusted retailer and purchase the right marquee just for you.

  • How big is the space you need to be covered? Length x width dimensions (height if required)
  • Where will the marquee be placed and in what kind of whether? This question will help answer what strength of frame you need. Remember, the stronger the frame the heavier it will be. So, if you are planning to use it as a pop up marquee you may need to make some sacrifices to make it easier to carry.
  • How about the weather? What season will you be using it most?

We hope this gives you a valuable insight into what you are looking for. Let us know how you go with your marquee purchase!