Dance Costumes Help Convey Your Message

A Changing Artistic Environment

Today’s artistic environment is so convoluted it can be kind of hard to follow, even if you keep up with multiple news sources from multiple angles. Whether you’re interested in the mainstream media or the alternative media, keeping up with the times is difficult.

Artistry helps, as it represents one of the most integral checks and balances on information dissemination. It functions as a sort of gestalt of given trends. Everything becomes combined into a single message when art is brought into the equation.

Art has many forms. There are great political cartoons which are ultimately expressive of trends simply. One might be a picture of the previous presidential administration punching holes in an apartment labeled “US Government”, followed by a subtitle saying something to the effect of: “What happens when a bad tenant’s lease is up.”

But such cartoons are ephemeral, only applying during a certain portion of human history. They’re not a “gestalt”, they’re a specific spike, a concerted point, a directed communication toward the audience who observes such a cartoon. Meanwhile, the best art takes a wider approach focusing on larger trends which define humanity as a whole.

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Violence And Beauty

One human trend which requires to be checked and balanced regardless of era, and which artistic disciplines like film, art, music, dance, and painting effectively help communicate, is war. War has been with mankind for generations, and it’s terrible. Many artists use “protest art”, and put together pieces which lambast war.

Dance is an especially communicative medium in these areas as it requires no words. A message can be communicated entirely visually, and the people spurned onto action against such negative trends. But properly communicating visually requires taking every aspect of performance into account, especially as regards costuming.

A choreographed number designed to make a point is going to need costumes which reflect the communication a choreographer is trying to convey. There is accordingly today a high demand for combat boots in dance. But, and this is easy to understand, combat boots don’t necessarily recommend themselves to dance!

You want the boots chosen for the performance to be designed by dancewear purveyors who understand what those boots will be used for, and have designed them so that the choreography involved can be fully realized, rather than stilted by technique which can’t be fully realized due to faulty costuming.

Dancewear offers a variety of dancewear solutions including combat boots in many colors; according to the site: “Combat boots for women and kids [are] offered in black, pink, tan, and silver colors.”

Other Areas Of Expression

Certainly, while activist dance choreography is a prime component of effective communication regarding the human condition, it must also be remembered that not all dances are of this variety. Sometimes a dance is only meant to tell a story, and stylishly. Your dance troupe need not be doing an anti-war dance to require combat boots. Just consider the futuristic stylings of Captain Eo in the eighties.

You won’t want to be stilted in your choreography choices because you don’t have available costuming solutions. Regardless of whether or not your dance numbers are advancing a political endgame, a purely aesthetic one, or something that’s been specifically designed for a certain audience, you want solutions which will match your mental vision.

Dance is an important component of the human condition, and furthermore an exciting, affecting, artistically engaging echelon of performance. For the dancers in your life, be they familial or part of a dance studio you run, you want options customizable and applicable to any scenario; and you want them designed by other dance professionals.

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