Dating in the Internet Era

The development of technology led to numerous changes in people’s lives. From the way we communicate to the way we solve our work tasks, technology is a huge part of our lives. Since the changes impacted all aspects of our lives, the romantic aspect has also been affected. We share information about our lives on various social media and other online platforms, switching from traditional dating to online dating is just another change that appeared after we started using the internet. People always look for the best way to find entertainment so the shift to the online world for dating was bound to happen.

The popularity of internet dating grew very fast in the past years and many people use various apps and online platforms to find a partner. While people with old-school values can argue that online dating destroyed the romantic element of dating by accelerating the process and not allowing a natural growth of a relationship, there are also numerous positive aspects of this type of dating that cannot be ignored.

For example, shy people can find it easier to interact online since they can hide behind the anonymity provided by the dating sites and they can be more honest and open about who they are and what they are looking for in a partner. Compared to blind dates and social events where you can meet people, online dating offers you the opportunity to learn a few basic things about people by checking their profiles before engaging in an online chat with them. Also, there are many dating platforms that offer the possibility of joining online chat rooms where people can engage in group conversations that allow them to discover another person by observing the way that person interacts and their preferences before starting a private conversation.

When talking about online dating sites, psychologists say there is a high level of deception associated with these platforms. Though this can be true due to the fact that the information provided by a person online cannot be verified and the profile can be deceiving, the stigma associated with online dating started to disappear when people realized that using these platforms is actually a good way to meet a partner and form a meaningful relationship based on common values. There are many examples of people who met online and are now happily married. If the profile created on an internet dating platform is a true reflection of someone’s life and interests, there are more chances to find a good partner.

Finding like-minded people who can help fulfil someone’s emotional needs is not an easy task no matter how people meet, but internet dating sites created an alternative to traditional dating that is better for some people. Busy people who do not have time to attend parties, events and other social gatherings where they can find a partner or shy people who are terrified by the awkwardness of blind dates have a great alternative that can lead to finding a good match.

When it comes to problems, the most predominant one is the uncertainty linked to meeting people online. Even though, internet dating is not particularly more dangerous than traditional dating, not a having face-to-face interaction with a person before sharing private information can be pretty stressful.

Whether you agree or not with the idea of internet dating, the fact that this type of dating is a huge phenomenon cannot be denied and the benefits provided by online platforms surpass the negative aspects.