Eight secrets girls keep from men

There are many secrets girls keep from men
Photo by CC user ripton on Flickr

Women are the most complicated creatures of the globe – but not in a stereotypical way, as you may assume. The psychology of a girl consists if something more than just emotions and desires. Therefore, it’s sometimes too hard for men to understand women’s minds in their entirety. That’s why there are some secrets girls keep from men. Some of them are dirty and monstrous (we will try to avoid those), others are so obvious so you would be surprised how you overlooked it. Our gorgeous friends, Single Russian Ladies, were kind enough to provide us with this intriguing information.

1. Girls discuss everything with girls

You probably know that friendship between women may become the strongest bond of all, and that’s true. Don’t listen to people that say that female friendship is a myth – every friendship is possible and beautiful! What you perhaps didn’t know is that girls rarely keep secrets from each other. We may assure you that your girlfriend discussed your last sex with at least one friend.

2. Dirty is beautiful

Girls now and then love to be dirty (not literally in this case – we will discuss it later). Outdoor sex, dirty talking, abrupt hot whisper “I want you” on the back of a car – everything is possible. In general, women are slightly more pious than men are, but you know that there’s always an exception!

3. Heels hurt

Don’t you like how their buts and legs look when they wear those horrific yet beautiful high-heeled strips? They also like it; however, it also comes with unusual pain and related issues. Feminists all over the world fight against this stereotype and, in most cases, they represent high heels as their biggest enemy. But women won’t stop wearing those despite the hype.

4. They think about marriage all the time

We sometimes think that only dumb and shallow girls dream about marriage and happy family life. The society throughout the centuries was forcing people to think that marriage and family life are the only possible scenarios. However, female mind is designed in such a way so girls feel a great necessity to give birth and start a family while their thoughts about weddings are just a consequence.

5. They love casual sex

Not as if they are really obsessed with it (it would be a bad generalization to assume so) but they don’t mind fulfilling their deepest fantasies or just refreshing their emotional state by picking up the most attractive guy at a party and having a great time with no strings attached. They just don’t boast about this stuff because basically, a promiscuous guy is a ladies’ man whereas a promiscuous girl is a tramp.

6. Girls hate women at work

Yes, they like their female friends, mothers, sisters, and other girls. Female solidarity is a huge oiled mechanism that can overcome virtually everything. But they really despise women at work. They feel much more comfortable working with a group of men – for numerous reasons, including narcissistic ones.

7. They compare you to their exes

You are no better or worse – you are different. But they can’t stand comparing every new man to their old boyfriends, especially when it comes to their sensation. Your behavior, the way you touch and kiss her, the way you talk – everything matters. Do not be offended by this fact – she does not control this and will likely never inform you about it.

8. You make them cry

Like, a lot. And it is not always your fault. Women are surprisingly more emotionally stabilized than men are – they just have other ways of objectification of their feelings. Her attraction to you (what we call “butterflies in a stomach”) may lead to unintentional tears, which is perfectly fine.