Kaepernick’s Decision

Kaepernick's decision to protest during the National Anthem has touched off a firey debate in the sports world concerning freedom of expression and speech rights
Photo by CC user 33494452@N05 on Flickr

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem has drawn a lot of criticism from all sectors of society, but especially the sports world. Why his protest has been received with so much disdain is not really an issue that should be discussed. Rather it should be why he protested that should be receiving all the air play.

It seems more likely that the player’s actions will now be for nothing as most of the backlash to his actions is not even targeted at his actions. An interesting reaction to his sitting protest was from NFL player Harrison who seemed to be bitterer about the athlete’s skin colour rather than the actual protest. According to Harrison Kaepernick is not “really Black” so he cannot fully understand what the people of colour go through every day. Harrison went on to chronicle daily challenges that people of colour experience. He spoke about how people think he is about to steal something very time he walks into a shop. Something that Kaepernick has no experience with because of the colour of his skin.

He said this despite the fact that Kaepernick is actually of mixed parentage. His biological father was black and his biological mother was white. This would make him a person of colour to most people.

In his defence Harrison admitted that he did not know that Kaepernick is “black”. Of which he apologised. Somehow that apology could have made things worse.

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