Packing for a long trip is quite a daunting task to do. Especially when it comes to clothes, deciding what to take and what not to carry is nothing short of a nightmare. You wouldn’t want to carry too much stuff which would slow you down, but you wouldn’t want to carry too less stuff as well. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance of that happening party just because you didn’t bring a fashionable enough dress, right? Well to get you started, here are three essential things which you must pack to stay fashionable while being comfortable during your vacation.

1.      Sweat-proof undershirts

Sweat-proof undershirts are something which is absolutely necessary if you want to look good while you travel. No matter what you are doing – hiking up a trail, travelling in a tropical country or travelling from one place to other – you will sweat a lot while you are travelling. And no one looks good with patches of sweat marks on their clothes. Having a few sweat-proof undershirt will make sure you look fresh and fashionable, even after a long hike. So remember to pack the best sweat-proof undershirt you can find and stay beautiful.

2.      Hats

The best way to stay fashionable while you travel without adding too much to the weight of your luggage is to carry different accessories. And the best accessory to pack is hats. From beanies to fedoras, carry a few different types of colourful hats and caps with you. Mix and match with your outfit and voila! They will protect you from the sun and the cold, and also jazz up your look.

3.      At least three pairs of shoes

Shoes are another great way to spice up your look while you travel. Decide what kinds of shoes to carry depending on your destination, weather and your activities, but remember to always prioritise comfort over fashion. However, mix and match your shoes with your outfits and create new looks every day.