How to keep your costs down while travelling

Keeping your costs down when you’re travelling is easy and no one likes to spend more than they have to. Here’s a few tips and tricks to save cash next time you’re off on holiday.

Pre-book to save

If nearly everything is already paid for, then you’ll be able to budget all the easier when you’re away from home. Think about airport transfers, car hire, tickets to theme parks or attractions and even the cash you’re going to spend. At some resorts you can even pre-book your sun lounger, now this might not save you money but it will save you time. The majority of us will book our flights way in advance, but too far in advance can cost just as much as too late and there is always the option of going last minute, if you don’t mind where you’re heading off to.

Check out those vouchers

Become a member of those voucher website and you could save money on all sorts of things. Plenty of banks accounts and mobile phone companies give their customers discounts and money off vouchers for all sorts of restaurants, spas and attractions. Have a good look through the benefits of the companies you already give your money to like your local supermarket or even where you work.

Put a call out on social media

Harness the power of social media. If you out don’t mind letting the world know you’re off on holiday, then you might have a cousin of a friend who’d love to hear all the news from home and offer you a cheeky discount at the glorious hotel they work in.
Insure your valuables

This will save you money if something goes wrong. Make sure everything you take with you is covered by gadget insurance to avoid accidents or theft being a bigger hassle than they need to be with adequate insurance.

Sign up for loyalty schemes

Hotels, airlines, restaurants anywhere you see an offer of a loyalty scheme sign yourself up. A great way to organise this is to have an email address that is only for loyalty schemes. That way you can avoid the email updates and check through for discounts when you’re ready. Many schemes like Stena Line Ferries, let you build up points for discounts off of future purchases and will special offer discounts for their loyalty customers.

Talk to your hotel concierge

When you get to your hotel speak to the staff. Do they offer a discount at any local restaurants, bars or attractions? Sometimes you’ll be handed this information but sometimes it requires a chat. You never know who’s brother is a taxi driver and gives discounts to the hotel’s guests.

Go to Tourist Information

Take 10 minutes on your first day and go all old fashioned with a trip to the local tourist information. You’ll find lots of local attractions, bars and restaurants will of deposited leaflets and you never know where a discount might be. If you are visiting museums or art galleries, then you often find a discount ticket is available if you purchase them all together at the same time.