4 Great Ways to Save Up For Your Travels

So, you’ve made the leap and decided to leave behind the mundanity of day to day life, working for the man and seeing the same faces all the time, it’s time to strap on a back pack and travel. With such a decision comes fears and plenty of them, chief amongst these fears is, as always, money, will you have enough to achieve what you want? To travel where you want? Or to indulge in all of the fantastic activities that you will be presented with on the road? The best advice I can give before you start your travels is to prepare well in advance, bank as much cash as you can before you leave, to do so here are some top tips for creating more savings.


Take a Second Job

If, like many, you will be leaving your job to travel then the idea of taking on a second income doesn’t sound very pleasant, however, putting in the work before you leave can give you far more opportunities when you are on the road. Consider evening jobs like restaurant and bar work, delivery driving or even security, you may feel tired at the end of the day but just keep your dreams in mind. Remember that vision of you on Copacabana beach, or in the Galapagos or even standing on the Great Wall of China, these visions should help you stay positive.

Sell Your Stuff

Almost all of us have stuff lying around our rooms or house that simply put, we just don’t need, fortunately in today’s world it never been easier to sell your unwanted items. For CD’s, DVD’s and computer games there are plenty of websites who even have phone apps that allow you to scan the barcode and get a price straight away. For any second hand toys, games or clothing the likes of eBay and Amazon are easy to use and reaches millions. As technology has advanced, we crave the latest models of phones, laptops and tablets and if you have any old tech lying around then use the fantastic website OnRecycle where you can easily sell your old tech and give it a new home.

Get Busy Online

It has never been easier to make money online, from small change to big bucks there are several options out there to get some cash from the comfort of your armchair. You could start a blog about your travels, do freelance work such as blog writing, email handling or even web design if you have the skills. Alternatively you can sign up to a survey website where you are invited to take part in several online surveys which pay you a small amount of money on completion, it does soon add up. Get online and search for these options and you’ll discover that there is money out there just waiting for you.

Medical Research

When new drugs or treatments are introduced to the market they need to be trialled first and that’s where you come in. Very often these trial companies pay good money for you to spend a few weeks taking a new drug under the watchful eye of doctors and nurses, these are rarely dangerous and you can select which type of trial you take part in. For a few weeks of your time you can earn some great money.