Top Places to Live and Work in Spain

Spain is a great place to live and work, from the deserts of Central Spain, the mountains of the east, the topical climes of the south or the amazing array of islands. Spain is a country full of variety and is great place to base yourself. In every city, you can find a vast array of homes to rent and great co-working facilities on flexible short-term contracts.

Enalquiler allows you to take out short term lets in all of these cities, allowing you to focus more on your work and life. Simply search the city you would like to live in and click “short term” lets, find the property you would like to rent and instantly book it online. Here you will find lots of quality flats and homes to rent perfect to be your temporary home.

Madrid – The capital of Spain, Madrid is a friendly and safe metropolitan city. While the capital, Madrid is much more laid back than other European capitals giving the city a nice atmosphere. The city is easily walkable as the centre is relatively compact. Madrid is host to many fantastic co-working spaces, as well as coffee shops which you can easily spend a day working in. The standard of rentals in Madrid is high, with many apartments incorporating modern design.

Valencia- Boasting some of the highest internet speeds in all of Spain. Valencia has it all, food, sights and areas to be amazingly productive. Digital nomads love Valencia as it’s a great place for work life balance. The lunch options in the city are phenomenal with a standard ‘Menús del Dia’ providing unbelievable culinary delights. It plays host to a stunning beach, great for unwinding after a productive day. Valencia provides great quality accommodation with many short term lets available.

Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) – A popular holiday destination for most Europeans, Las Palmas is often overlooked as a place to work. Las Palmas is easily accessible from thought Europe thanks to low cost airlines. Warm throughout the year, Gran Canaria is an excellent place to work through the winter. Being the islands capital it makes an excellent temporary base, having all of the infrastructure on would expect. Las Palmas has a great co-working ecosystem and the city is easily navigable by bike.