A guide to San Sebastian

San Sebastian, Donosti, is located in the north of Spain, on the Bay of Biscay. This city has many ancient buildings and castles, and visitors will be able to explore the city’s beaches.

Explore the Historic Quarter

The city’s historic quarter is filled with ancient buildings and squares. The City Hall is one of the city’s main landmarks, a sandstone building with a carved facade that used to be the casino. Visitors will be able to explore many squares, including the historical Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza Gipuzkoa. The city can be explored on foot and most of the accommodation in the city is centric.

Visit the beaches

San Sebastián is known for its beaches. The beaches farther away from the city center are known for their water sports. Visitors will be able to practice surf and there are many surf rental shops on the beach. The Zurriola beach is a popular meeting spot for locals. The Ondarreta beach is located near the historical city center. The Concha Beach, the city’s main urban beach, is known for its white sands. The promenade is decorated with the Concha railing, one of the city’s symbols.

The Isla Santa Clara is an island located in the bay, off the coast of the city. The island has a natural swimming pool with sea water. There is a small beach on this islands and after a dip in the sea visitors will be able to enjoy fresh seafood in one of its restaurants and explore the lighthouse.

Have dinner at a pintxos bar

The Basque County is known for its cuisine. Most bars serve pintxos, which are similar to tapas. Pintxos are appetizers that are usually served on a skewer, a pintxo. Visitors will be able to taste many traditional pintxos, including those made from fresh seafood.

In the Amara Viejo district, Gros district and on the Concha promenade visitors will find many traditional bars. The city has several Michelin star restaurants, Arzak and Mugaritz, where visitors will be able to enjoy Basque cuisine. In this city center, near Urgull, there are many squares which are filled with terraces. Visitors will be able to enjoy cod, cheese with quince paste and cider with views towards the city’ historical landmarks and monuments.

Walk on the bridges

The city is known for its many bridges. The Puente de la Zurriola is a concrete bridge located next to the city center. This bridge is decorated with large lamps. The Santa Catalina Bridge is one of the city’s oldest bridges. The bridge has been renovated and restored and is one of the city’s landmarks, known for its large stone archways.

Tour the castles

Another one of the city’s landmarks is the Castle of the Holy Cross. This historic fortress is known for its views towards the city and the sea. The castle used to be part of the city’s defensive walls and parts of its have been reconstructed.

For views towards the city and the sea visitors can climb up Mount Urgull. This area has views towards the bay and visitors will be able to explore the ancient Port Walls that used to protect the city.

Photo by azuaje on Flickr.