A List of Top Things You Shouldn’t Forget when Planning a Corporate Party or Event

Planning an event takes time and a whole lot of effort. Anyone who has ever planned an event will tell you that you need to be on your toes the entire time – even when the event is finished. But it’s not as difficult as you may think, either. All it takes is some know-how and meticulous planning, which you can certainly do if you rely on a detailed to-do list. But what else should you think about if you are planning a corporate party or event? If you want your party to be a success (and who doesn’t?), here’s a list of things you shouldn’t forget.

Do you have a theme?

If you don’t have a theme yet, perhaps it’s a good time to think of one. A good theme doesn’t just mean everyone will arrive in costume – it can set the mood for your party, and it can level up your decorations, your entertainment, your music, and your food. Once you have determined a theme, think of the décor. Here’s one pointer for décor which can also help you save on your expenses: concentrate on key areas, such as the venue’s entrance, the table centres, and the bar.

What to think about regarding food

Depending on your venue, you will have to decide between making use of catering in-house or bringing in an outside catering service. If the place you have chosen has a good reputation when it comes to food, it may be better to use them because you can end up saving money. But when deciding on your food, don’t forget to think about any special requirements your guests may have, and think about whether you want the food served buffet-style or as a sit-down supper, and whether or not you’d like nibbles prepared and taken around as well. And remember this too: if you are planning a big party or event, it would be best to think about food-tasting before you go for a caterer; this will help you make sure the food is good enough.

Top considerations for drinks

A party is definitely not complete without drinks. The more drinks, the better, right? But when deciding on the drinks, you first have to determine if you are pre-ordering your drinks or will just pay for the drinks consumed during the party itself. When you pre-order, you have more control in regard to your budget, but there’s also a risk that you may not order enough for all your guests. If you have an open bar, you could make sure that you have more than enough food and the food you offer has a lot of carbs.

Another thing: if you want the distribution of drinks to be fair, you can organise a tab for drinks with vouchers which you can give to your guests as they arrive, or you can have a set amount of bottles for each table, as confirmed by party planning experts in Oxfordshire from Oasis Events. You can also opt for waiting staff to be on-hand to serve drinks so that they can quickly fill glasses when necessary.

Planning the music

The music for your party or event plays a crucial role as well. For this, you have two options: you can hire a live band, or you can rely on a DJ. Whatever you decide, just make sure to send them a playlist. Also, make sure you coordinate with the venue so that you can confirm what equipment they can provide and what you need to bring.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com