A First Class Life in Costa del Sol

A trip to Costa del Sol is one of the most sought after travel vacation of many tourists and travellers worldwide. Whether you’re here for a month long business travel or short holiday villa breaks, you will never run out of classy things to do and enjoy in this part of La Furia Roja. Read on and see the top three must see and do when in Costa del Sol – all of which guarantee a first-class vacation.

Marinas: A Luxurious Adventure

Picturesque marinas and extravagant yachts are one of the most common sights that you’ll see in Costa del Sol. They mirror the grandiose lifestyle of the people in this place, as well as the Spanish love for open waters. There are two major marinas that you’ll have to visit when in Costa del Sol. One is the Benalmadena Marina, which is not only a harbour for small boats and yachts but also a residential complex that reflect Middle Easterna and Andalusian architecture. There are even artificial islands that are set up in the waters. This marina has been awarded as the best marina in the world twice – awards that were well-deserved. Another famous marina in Costa del Sol is the Port of Marbella, which located in the heart of the city. What makes this marina famous are the many water-based competitions held there, along with its sailing classes which even kids can partake of.

Nightlife: The Socialite’s Way

After a day at the lapis lazuli waters of Costa del Sol, it’s time to dress up and party the night away. Costa del Sol boasts of one of the liveliest and most exciting nightlife in all of Espana. Do visit the Café del Sol in Torremolinos, Malaga. This bar, situated near the coast and the beach is where you’ll find some of the areas avid party goers – so if you’re looking to dance and socialize, this is the place to be. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for somewhere to enjoy some great food, then head on to Vio Mio Restaurante Lounge Bar. Their menu includes exotic meat which includes kangaroos and ostrich. And while dining, you’ll be entertained by lovely Flamenco dancers with their exhilarating performances.

Spa: A Royal Treatment

After a night of partying, you would definitely want to go and relax, and in Costa del Sol, there is no better way to do that than to pay one of the many spas scattered throughout the place. One spa, the Thermae in Carratraca offers one of the best relaxing and healthful spa experience in the area, with its thermal waters which are renowned to have health properties, one thing which made them win several awards for health tourism. The Hammam Al Andalus is another spa where you’ll find pools fit for a sheikh, with its towering marble columns and ceilings. Alternatively, if you have the money then head on to Gran Hotel Elba Estepona and get yourself a spa treatment in the Thalasso Spa. This spa makes use of therapeutic sea water and sea mud for their treatments and even offer services and packages that promise to rejuvenate and beautify your skin.

So if you’re looking for a vacation that suits a first class lifestyle, then head on to Costa del Sol. Not only will you get to live like royalty, but you’ll get to experience the kind of vacation that most people dream of.

Photo by dalem on Flickr