St. Mawes in Roseland: A Vacation to Remember

If you are planning a holiday trip to Cornwall anytime soon, then you must definitely include a tour of the Roseland Peninsula in your travel itinerary. This peninsula has played an important role in the history of Cornwall in the past few centuries, and is quickly becoming one of Cornwall’s top tourist destinations. Whether you are a vacationing family who is looking for family holiday cottages in Cornwall, or a solo traveller in search of a rejuvenating and refreshing escapade, you will surely find something worth your while in here.

The peninsula is composed of various villages – one of which is St. Mawes in Roseland.

St. Mawes is considered to be Roseland’s principal village, and is one that attracts local and foreign tourists alike all-year round. Its coastlines and beaches make for a wonderful spot for exciting water sports, or simply to lounge around. On the other hand, its rolling hills and countryside offer great hiking and walking trails – all of which provides trekkers a wonderful view of the sea and the land.

When in St. Mawes in Roseland, there are two wonderful tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

St. Mawes Castle

St. Mawes Castle is a one of the village’s most famous landmarks. It is built along the coastlines, and is very much visible from the sea (together with another castle, the Pendennis Castle) if you’re in a yacht. It is one castle that has stood its ground even centuries after it was built by Henry VIII.

Most visitors are often amazed at the architectural beauty of St. Mawes Castle, with it bastions and towers fashioned to comprise a fort in the shape of a clover leaf. Inside you’ll find neatly manicured grounds which are perfect for family get-togethers. You can take a stroll along the coast, climb the towers for a scenic view of the sea or simply flop in the lawns for some picnic.

St. Just Church in Roseland Church

If there is one word that would describe St. Just in Roseland Church, that would have to be “beautiful.” This church, located more or less a mile and a half from St. Mawes Castle, is one attraction that you shouldn’t miss.

Just exactly what makes this church a definite tourist attraction? Well, one is the church itself and its 13th century architecture, complete with a rock solid tower which makes it look more like a fort than a church. Another is the lovely garden that surrounds the church where cheery blossoms and shrubs grow. Lastly, right beside the church is the St. Just Creek, where you’ll often find small boats anchored and floating along the gentle waters. All these things combine in order to give St. Just Church in Roseland that idyllic and charming ambience that will surely make you want to attend mass.

These are just two of the many things that the people of St. Mawes in Roseland are proud of – the same things that make many visitors fall in love with the place.

Photo by kathryn-wright on Flickr